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Dee Shaffer’s newly released “Feral” is a subtle religious handbook about a woman with an untamed nature


Dee Shaffer, Author

“Feral” from Book Vine Press author Dee Shaffer is a gripping account that everyone should read to know the power of genuine beauty and unconditional love.

It is my heartfelt desire to produce unique and meaningful ideas in either fiction or non-fiction format to help my readers see things at deeper levels and to equip them with wisdom and insight...”
— Dee Shaffer
BLUE SPRINGS, MO, USA, April 20, 2022 / -- “Feral”: a story of a lady with extremely cerebral ambitions and achievements is childish on the inside and trapped in a condition of pain from her past. Her feelings frighten her as she lives in an academic world. It is a book that nobody would anticipate her wild character, something that she has kept under wraps deeply within. A woman’s journey of meeting a man and building a connection with him until unconsciously discovering that his existence and consistent influence, as well as his unconditional love, awakens her untamed behavioral inclinations. This allows the readers to recognize the grandeur of pure and unselfish love, as well as its inherent ability over her troubled worries.

“Feral” is the creation of published author Dee Shaffer, a healthcare executive who loves exercising and hiking mountains.

Shaffer writes, “A woman with highly intellectual pursuits and accomplishments is child-like inside and frozen in a state of torment from her past. Her emotions frighten her as she exists in an intellectual world. No one would suspect the feral nature that she has kept contained deep within. She is an injured wild animal trapped inside a powerful robotic mind. She meets a man and develops a friendship with him, and all the while, she is subconsciously learning that his presence and steady influence, along with his unconditional love, tame her feral emotional instincts. She realizes the beauty of genuine and selfless love and the natural power it has over her tormented fears.”

Published by Book Vine Press, Shaffer’s new book is a must-read, as it is filled with a unique story and meaningful lesson that will help them grow as a better person and perhaps find the key to healing in their own lives.

The author hopes that this simple book will reach readers in profound and inspiring ways and lead them to God’s truth.

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