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HULA-BURGER Adds A Slice Of SPAM To It's Big Kahuna Coconut Milk Shake




Hula Burger Corporation's Hawaiian Luau Party Plan gives tourists a chance to experience the HULA-BURGER, Hawaiian Taro Chips & a Big Kahuna Coconut Milk Shake!

HILO, HAWAII, USA, April 21, 2022 / -- Feeling Like A HULA-BURGER Tonight Minus The Coconut Bra And Grass Skirt -- Inspired by the Waikiki SPAM Jam Festival; Hula Burger is now adding a slice of SPAM to its Big Kahuna Coconut Milk Shake. Richard H. Davis, President, and CEO of Hula Burger Corporation came up with the SPAM Shake as kind of a joke while working on a ready-to-eat SPAM 'sushi,' item for Hormel Foods Corporation. Working on SPAM Sushi for the 10th Annual Waikiki SPAM Jam indirectly led to the development of the SPAM Shake," said Davis.

Introduced in 1937 by Hormel Foods Inc., more SPAM products are consumed per person in Hawaii than in any other state in the United States. Almost seven million cans of SPAM are eaten every year in Hawaii. The street festival celebrates the people of Hawaii's love for SPAM products, a canned meat from Hormel Foods Corporation. In Hawaii, SPAM is so popular it is sometimes referred to as "Hawaiian Steak". In James A. Michener's 1946 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel Tales of the South Pacific, Michener's unnamed Commander, who performed Military duties similar to those of the Lieutenant himself on a fictional island during World War II, noted that a large percentage of non-commissioned officers sent to the Pacific Theater (dubbed G.I. Joes because they were drafted), soon discovered that sexual favors could be traded for cans of SPAM, despite a very strict non-fraternization policy.

About Hula Burger Corporation

Hula Burger Corporation was founded in Hilo, Hawaii by Richard H. Davis. Hula Burger Corporation is a Hot dog cart quick-service restaurant retailer with independent distributors on all the major islands and the mainland. Hula Burger Corporation's original offering where SPAM hot dogs. The Original 'Ray A. Kroc' HULA-BURGER was introduced in 1962 at McDonald's. Hula Burger Corporation's most popular HULA-BURGER sandwich is made with a thin slice of DOLE Fresh Ripe Hawaiian Pineapple and a slice of grilled SPAM with real smoked Wisconsin cheddar and alfalfa sprouts on a King's Hawaiian Original Hawaiian Sweet Hamburger Bun. Hula Burger Corporation's Hawaiian Luau Party Plan gives guests a chance to experience the HULA-BURGER Hot dog cart quick-service restaurant concept in a home party plan format. A Hula Burger Independent Business Owner or Hula Host is ready to help you plan an unforgettable Hawaiian luau party. Dress the part with a Hawaiian Moo-moo, or go all the way with a grass skirt and a coconut bra! For more information call the Big Kahuna Burger hotline at (808) 999-9660‬ or visit or enjoy the Big Kahuna Burger TV commercial on YouTube at:


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Big Kahuna Burger TV commercial on YouTube