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Giggso uses MachEye to drive analytics-led product adoption

Intelligent Search helps drive analytics-led product adoption

MachEye's Intelligent Search empowers Giggso users to provide instant answers and actionable insights with flexibility of either cloud or on-premise deployments

The ability to consume data via intelligent search instead of static reports or dashboards is a bold new vision.”
— CEO, Giggso
SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2022 / -- MachEye, a leading enterprise analytics platform company, today announced a new partnership with Giggso, a no-code AIOps provider, to provide natural search-enabled self-service analytics for Giggso customers. MachEye will empower Giggso’s users, performing security operations and AIOps, to consume data and actionable insights. MachEye’s proprietary low-prep, no-prep onboarding technology of embedded augmented analytics will add significant value across various deployments of Giggso.

“This marks an exciting new journey for Giggso’s AIOps platform. MachEye will reduce complexity and improve clarity in AIOps & automation in our platform. The ability to consume data via intelligent search instead of static reports or dashboards is a bold new vision. Apart from providing higher customer value, MachEye will also help us reduce operational costs. We are excited to join forces with MachEye to lead our users in the era of augmented analytics and beyond”​, said Ravi Venugopal, CEO of Giggso.

This partnership with Giggso brings significant momentum to MachEye's vision to provide a Google-like search and YouTube-like audio-visual experience of enterprise data. MachEye's platform creates a powerful new standard for Giggso with an easy-to-consume self-service analytics. Giggso is leveraging MachEye to help users search and analyze IT operations data with simplicity and speed to proactively identify problems, get to know root causes, and resolve the issues.

For decades, users across all enterprises have been forced to deal with limited and static reports. MachEye finally breaks this pattern with an intelligent, NLP search technology that enables users to ask ambiguous and incomplete questions and get accurate answers instantaneously. Customers across retail, pharmaceutical, technology, telecom, financial services, and manufacturing use MachEye to reduce customer churn, identify growth opportunities, and increase forecast accuracy.

“Giggso is an innovative security company with a great AIOps platform, and I'm excited to see their early success with MachEye”, said Ramesh Panuganty, Founder & CEO of MachEye. “The previous years accelerated the push towards digital transformation. This has dramatically amplified the volume, variety, and velocity of data in most businesses. Given this macro backdrop, MachEye's platform is strongly positioned to help Giggso’s enterprise customers leverage data in a more actionable way than ever before. Our vision is to help companies create a simplified user experience to increase data-driven speed, quality, and ubiquity. This partnership between MachEye and Giggso makes that vision a reality.”

About MachEye
MachEye’s augmented analytics platform transforms the way organizations integrate their data, decisions, and operations. While current analytical platforms only answer “what” questions on data, MachEye helps users answer “what, why and how” scenarios for everyone at an organization. Decision-makers at any level can now receive actionable insights and recommendations through a “Google-like” search experience and “YouTube like” audio-visual experience, in addition to charts and self-service analytics. MachEye adds an actionable "play" button to data! Please visit website for more information.

About Giggso
Giggso started off as a social collaborative platform for enterprises and subsequently pivoted to become a no-code AIOps platform for support teams. It is a data company built to orchestrate and automate data created by users, machines, or applications into smarter operations.

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