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ShopLiftr Launches Dynamic Video Powered By The Largest Database of Trade Promotions in the US

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ShopLiftr - Creating Shoppable Moments That Lift Sales!

Unlike other digital ad tech platforms, ShopLiftr's unique edge tackles CPG challenges in a new medium & is delivering outstanding in-market results!

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 19, 2022 / -- Building on years of success from their digital display ad tech platform, ShopLiftr is proud to now include the fastest growing digital ad channel, dynamic video, to their line-up of distinctive dynamic creative solutions. In an era where shoppers are consciously seeking savings due to the highest inflation hike in the US in over 40 years, showing a predicted 7.9% increase in 2022. ShopLiftr responded by bringing their dynamic capabilities driven by the largest database of trade promotions to video, a medium designed to inspire and excite the auditory and visual senses of shoppers.

According to data from eMarketer, video will account for more than half of all US programmatic display ad spending in 2022, with connected TV (CTV) predicted to increase by 39.2%, following a staggering 82.4% rise in 2021.

ShopLiftr is unlike other dynamic video platforms, presenting engaging programmatic video ad units with an exclusive advantage and flexible messaging. Leveraging their proprietary database of over 200,000+ monthly active trade promotions across top retailers, they dynamically inject hyper-local deals, with chain name, directly into the video ad. Paired with device-level geo-targeted delivery, across all major platforms, they connect consumers with accurate, relevant deal information anywhere in North America. This enables marketers to connect with shoppers in a responsive and powerful way to stay ahead of the intent-based shopping behaviors. In extensive field-testing with CPG brands and retailers over the past six months, in both Canada and the U.S., ShopLiftr's dynamic video ads consistently offer superior performance in engaging consumers and exceeding campaign KPIs.

"We need to reach shoppers pre-shop, while they are planning their trip, to drive purchase consideration and make sure brands get on their shopping list," emphasizes Aaron Richman, Independent Shopper Marketing Consultant & owner of JAMZ Marketing. "The reason I recommend ShopLiftr's solutions to clients is that it meets the criteria outlined; which is effectively meeting shoppers along the path to purchase."

Programmatic video is growing exponentially and the appetite for video content is insatiable. It is an exciting time for the CPG industry to tap into the video channel and focus pre-shop tactics with ShopLiftr when the market is not as saturated, leading to better results and higher exposure. Their success is evidence that aligning inspiring creative and messaging with a mixed media approach of digital display and video in a one-stop-shop solution translates to a simple activation of seamless advertising that will deliver across multiple touchpoints.

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ShopLiftr is a digital ad technology company that aggregates and amplifies the largest collection of trade promotions, connecting shoppers with real-time, localized deals. ShopLiftr partners with the largest CPG brands and retailers in the world to deliver personalized digital advertising experiences at scale across North America.

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ShopLiftr's Dynamic Video Explained! Unveiling their exclusive advantage to level up digital campaigns with ease, relevancy & powerful visuals.