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Bourquin Group Spins Off Fan2Stage

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With a singular focus on better live entertainment that is better connected, Fan2Stage is now independent to better raise capital and expand into new markets.

When other shows started reaching out we knew we were on to something. One senior studio executive said it was a game changer and I agree.”
— Scott Bourquin
HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 16, 2022 / -- The Bourquin Group LLC has decided to spin off it's Virtual Live Audience System, Fan2Stage as an independent company. The new company, Fan2Stage Ltd will have a singular focus on better connected live entertainment. Fan2Stage® is a patent pending virtual audience system created by the Bourquin Group during the early stages of the pandemic. Originally it was a tool for the CoolToys TV series to engage a live audience that was watching via live streaming. When most shows shut down or were shot at home with no audience and a webcam, CoolToys TV had a live audience.

The virtual audience system by Fan2Stage is the only system that allows fans from all over the world to watch a show and create live feedback for the performers. Originally released in late 2020, Fan2Stage let fans cheer, whistle and even boo at the hosts of CoolToys TV. "When other shows started reaching out we knew we were on to something. One senior studio executive said it was a game changer and I agree." says Bourquin Group President and CoolToys TV Host Scott Bourquin

Any live performer will tell you that the reason they are on stage is the audience. With Fan2Stage the performers get that live feedback even if they are in a home studio. Better yet, they can reach audiences all around the globe. As part of the spin off, Fan2Stage announce a couple of major updates that are in the pipeline. First is the Fan2Field version specifically designed for live sports, and second is the ability of fans to "tip" performers with virtual wallets and performers the ability to charge for tickets to shows.

Fan2Stage Ltd is a company dedicated to keeping the live shows alive with real live audiences even in a virtual world. We give everyone a way to stay connected no matter where they are. Originally created as part of the Bourquin Group LLC, Fan2Stage was spun off to create a company dedicated to connecting fans and entertainers around the globe.

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