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Bourquin Group Launches Mobile App Group

Bourquin Group Mobile apps

Mobile apps are now possible for small business

Mobile Apps are not just for gaming or hunting down a good cup of coffee anymore.

The difficulty with specializing in one industry as a digital agency is that you can't do the best job and make everyone number one”
— Scott Bourquin
HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA, USA, April 23, 2022 / -- The Bourquin Group in announcing a new mobile app department. It seems like everyone has a mobile phone these days and just can't put it down. In fact, major search engines now say that mobile is more than half of all search. In some categories it is over 80%. Of course those phones run on apps. The problem for small and medium businesses is the cost to hire programmers and create an app for the business.

"All of the big stores have shopping apps, so why can't small businesses?" Asked Scott Bourquin, a partner at the Bourquin Group. The big listing services have mobile apps, but paying for an add on those apps can get costly very fast. One small business owner was so upset by the fees he cancelled his account and went so far as to ask for only 1 star ratings from clients. He did this just to upset the listing services algorithm.

The big difference with an app is that once an app gets on a phone, the user only needs to find the app to stay connected with a business like their dentist. There is an internal conflict at listing services. "The difficulty with specializing in one industry as a digital agency is that you can't do the best job and make everyone number one." According to Bouruqin. Most consumers say they find apps to be much easier than surfing the around the net for what they are looking for. One thing that is true about the big "listing services" apps is that they also take money to advertise for the competition. In fact many allow one business to pay for another business name as a keyword and appear above the competing businesses in the search results. This creates confusion among consumers sometimes.

Have you ever searched for a company, clicked a link and found out it went somewhere you didn't want to go? With Search engines that happens all the time. Private apps take the consumer right where they want to go.

These days just about every store has a shopping app but those can cost a small fortune, or at least they used to. It turns out that just about any business can use an app. One of the more interesting apps is appointment scheduling for businesses with recurring visits. The app allows the business to send notifications instead of just a text or email that is usually ignored according to Bourquin. One touch to make a dental appointment is now possible. Imaging every time your kids need their braces adjusted getting a reminder and a pop up calendar with one touch to make the next appointment.

A good mobile app is like a good website. It needs a good user interface (or UI) and it needs to create a user experience (or UX) that makes the business look good and works for the customer. It might be as simple as porting a website to an app, or creating an appointment system that links to an app. For instance a restaurant with a private dining room might not want that room on a public listing site? With a private app, the managers can control the VIP list that should be able to reserve that room. Better yet, an app can make that happen 24/7 so the managers don't have to be sitting by the phone 24/7.

Most small businesses don't have the budget for an IT department according toe the Bourquin Group. By sharing resources with other small businesses, the new mobile app department allows more small businesses to take advantage of these great tools.

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