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Matiere Noire

Sierra Leonean fashion designer, consultant & journalist.

Matière Noire - Fashion Designer & Journalist.


providing different services including web design, business startup consulting, fashion articles, and clothing; Matière Noire's fashion articles, clothing and business startup consultations are targeted to attract artists, designers, bloggers, models, entrepreneurs, investors and anyone looking to start their own business.

Entrepreneurial startup consultants are individuals whose primary profession is to visit a small firm, ask a few questions about the company, evaluate the data collected, produce a report and provide suggestions based on their findings. They are not actively involved in the execution of tasks or the management of team members (although there are exceptions), but instead concentrate on high-level strategy.

Matière Noire provides different services including web design, and fashion pieces created by us.

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According to, there is a fifty-five percent uptick in the need for not only personal empowerment services but also for services that help create a light – so to speak – as to how to guide one’s life and build up personal growth and professional growth.

The goal is to help create an overwhelming sense of focus, purpose and knowing one’s worth and what to eliminate from life. There are many steps involved and staying motivated can be a challenge. These services help people to become empowered, improved, and provides clearer thinking

Matière Noire
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