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100+ ORIGINAL and UNTOLD fairy tales to read on

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The complete collection of Air’s fairy tales

All NEW, ORIGINAL, UNTOLD 100+ fairy tales to read for free on More fairy tales available on my latest book now available on Amazon

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales”
— Albert Einstein

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, April 12, 2022 / -- Air Herk is the author of many books. He writes fairy tales that, "are close to heart close to your dream worlds, close to heal you when you are uncomfortable, except some are scary and some are sad but still there is joy in them. Sometimes joy does not merely mean to laugh, it also means to have calmness in mind body and soul and also in the hearts that rules all of you."

His 100+ fairy tales are available for free on to read for free by kids of all ages. These fairy tales are not re-tellings of old fairy tales. There are the regular fairy tales along with new kinds of fairy tales called Anime fairy tales which are light (emotionally) for your heart. These anime fairy tales are different than the regular anime stories by the measure in their emotional intensiveness. They don’t hurt anybody’s heart rather calm it to a joyful state.

Having said that his website is there forever for all to read fairy tales for free if somebody or their parents have times not suited in accordance with goodness of finance to purchase ebooks or paperbacks. His latest book “The complete collection of Air’s fairy tale” which contains more total of original 150 fairy tales is now available online on Amazon as ebook and paperback.

Hearts lie where there is preciousness, preciousness may or may not imply money but they do imply joy of life, joy to rule the hearts once, for all and maybe again. He wishes good luck to all, for, "fall one may not but rise may all to achieve the goodness for all and for hearts to never to pause from joy of life or fun" - Air Herk.

These fairy tales are not only fairy tales but they are bedtime stories also.

Most of them are 5 minute short stories except some (10-20) take a little more time to read and are thus long.

Air Herk
Air Herk
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