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New leftist cryptocurrency ‘Marxiano’ up almost 1000%

UNITED STATES, April 9, 2022 / -- It’s no secret that cryptocurrency has mostly been embraced by libertarians and people who aren’t really concerned with politics. Recently however, crypto projects run by left-thinking developers have been coming into the spotlight.

Since went live, the Marxiano project has seen intense interest from its community of leftist crypto lovers, who have raised the value of this cryptocurrency by almost 1000%.

“We wanted to create a payment system too useful for companies to ignore, with a wealth redistribution function built in”, says Marxiano’s main programmer and founder Julien DuPont. “That way companies are wasting money by not using it, and by using it, they pay some of each transaction directly to the holders.”

This fee-based system is called ‘reflection’, and it has often been used by speculative tokens which many argue have no utility in the real world. After all, who wants to use a payment system which charges 10% for their everyday expenses? With an example straight from Marxiano’s white paper, financial consultant Francis Valderrama explains how reflection combined with smart contract programmability can be used to achieve something that has never been done before.

“The ride-sharing company Uber takes 25% of what’s paid by the customer. Almost all of this is spent on expenses, and in most cases Uber walks away with less than 1% of the original payment. To the user, Uber is just an app which connects people who need a ride with people who have extra room in their car. An app like this could be programmed onto Marxiano, but rather than charging 25%, it would only charge the automatic 10% plus whatever fee the developers decide to take for themselves. If they charge 2% then they’re already making more (profit) than Uber at less than half the cost. Almost none of the expenses involved in running a traditional business would apply, and these savings can be used to raise the wage of the driver while lowering the cost of the service to the consumer.”

The full creation of this blockchain is still in progress. Marxiano currently exists on the Binance smart chain, an already existing blockchain which is Ethereum-compatible. The Marxiano team says that the Binance smart chain will provide easy conversion from Marxiano tokens to Marxiano coins when the blockchain is up and running. This implies that programs on Marxiano will be written in solidity, the programming language used to write Ethereum smart contracts, which would mean that any Ethereum developer could write programs on Marxiano without the need to learn new technology.

Potential buyers should always do their research before jumping onto the bandwagon and into a new crypto project, but it does look like these developers are on to something.

Malorie Maya Williams
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