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The Pittsburgh Medium Carol Collins to be Featured on Close Up Radio

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, April 4, 2022 / -- Law of Attraction meets Holistic Energy Healing by way of Trance Channeled Information.

Carol Collins is a trance channel and The Pittsburgh Medium. She is the original channel of Jeshua, a collective of spiritual beings who teach The Essential Material through her.

“My ability to channel spontaneously manifested in March 2019 in a unique way, very similar to the acclaimed Esther Hicks. After nine months of quiet meditation my face moved to the left and my guide began “speaking” to me by writing words in the air in cursive using my face. It was an amazing experience. After six weeks of communicating this way, Jeshua asked if they could speak through me and an instant out loud conversation began. I have been a consciously-aware, very light trance channeler ever since.”

Channelers like Carol have a unique spiritual ability. The trance state softens the mind in a way that allows the spiritual guide to use their voice in addition to receiving messages and images in the traditional clairvoyant method.

“My guide and nonphysical teachers that collectively call themselves Jeshua flow an abundance of information through me. I rely on them fully. They write through me, they teach through me, and they heal through me in ways that are undeniable.”

Today, Carol offers events, readings, retreats and classes in a channeled state through the Jeshua Center of Intuitive Studies to clients all over the world.

Her signature event “The Powerfulness of Source Energy” is a live, two-day workshop on The Essential Material. The event includes segments on Expanded Consciousness, Law of Attraction, The Art of Self Healing, and Intuitive Development. Every event is trance channeled allowing participants to learn directly from the Jeshua Collective.

About her private readings, Carol says, “Jeshua knows all things, past present and future. They are gentle, wise, straightforward yet compassionate. With pin-pointed accuracy, they know what you need to know and how to bring clarity to your life.”

Carol’s biweekly two hour online event is “Our Knowing – Conversations with Jeshua” and is the most powerful teaching on the Law of Attraction yet. Jeshua combines the power of positivity with natural healing techniques to clear away limitations preventing manifesting a life full of health, happiness, and abundance.

About the teachings of Jeshua, Carol says, “The intelligence that comes through in their events and readings is extraI receive testimonials daily on how their life was altered from implementing the teachings of Jeshua.”

Carol says, “I like to say I am the conduit and the Jeshua Collective are the healers that flow Knowledge through me.”

Close Up Radio will feature Carol Collins in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on April 6th at 3pm EDT

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