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LunaCopper Offers Complimentary Crypto Consults

Boston's cryptocurrency consulting firm offers free consults.

I flew to the moon not so much to go there but as part of developing the system that would allow it to happen.”
— Neil Armstrong
BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, April 1, 2022 / -- LunaCopper, a Massachusetts based blockchain consulting group, launched earlier this month with the goal of making crypto accessible to the general public. Backed by 13 years of experience in cryptocurrency research, investing, and development the group aims to show retail and institutional investors alike that entering the crypto space is no longer a daunting task.

In a goal to reach as many crypto beginners as possible, LunaCopper is now offering complimentary introduction consults to interested individuals. These consults allow prospective clients to voice their crypto curiosities and goals to seasoned experts so that a plan of action can be tailored to fit their needs. Whether you are a high risk or risk averse investor, LunaCopper provides the guidance necessary to see returns in a variety of crypto markets.

Recent high risk portfolios with the company have benefited from buy signals that returned roughly 80% profit in less than a 24 hour period, while risk averse investors have seen steady growth ranging from 10-20% above net deposits over the course of 2022. Entry level investors in the crypto market often find themselves missing crucial buy and sell opportunities as their only guidance is what they see on youtube or social media. The consultants at LunaCopper foster a crypto mindset that is calculated for success so that you can free yourself of the sensationalism seen in the media and focus solely on your portfolio growth.

If you have ever been curious about cryptocurrency, or feel like you have missed out on the returns that crypto investors have made over the past several years, now is the perfect time to take action. Don’t make the mistake of entering crypto without the guidance of a professional.

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