Simplicity 26 Records Announces Noldy's Newest Single "mE"

"mE" by Noldy; single cover art

Noldy music alongside Simplicity 26 Records is excited to announce the release of artist’s Fitreynold “Noldy” Cadet’s first single of 2022— “mE.”

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”
— Pablo Picasso
DETROIT LAKES, MINNESOTA, USA, March 31, 2022 / -- The record, “mE” is a creative (lyrical) rendition of Noldy’s relationship with music and showcase of Noldy as a multifaceted artist and producer. In 1994, Noldy was introduced to music in an inspirational, connective way and this is the story shared in the single, “mE.” Noldy has Island roots which are incorporated into his compositions.

“mE” follows the single titled, “Chéri M’Kolé” featuring T-Bigs, which is an upbeat track with a Caribbean sound. “Chéri M’Kolé” released on September 16, 2021, and was well received by domestic and international audiences. The single “ME” is notably different from the first single, (as the title reveals), it is a more personal record which effectively conveys Noldy’s experience(s) as an artist. It also exemplifies his skills as a producer; Noldy is not only an musician but has also produced a number of tracks for artists around the world of multiple genres. The experiences as a performer and composer provide Noldy with a unique perspective and are all part of his artistic journey.

Noldy has (on occasion) quoted a quote by Pablo Picasso, “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” This is a construct Noldy incorporates into his records. Both singles, “mE” and “Chéri M’Kolé” provide an entertaining escape to everyday life. Additionally, the singles are part of Noldy’s EP which will launch on a later date.

"mE" will be released worldwide on all digital platforms on April 1st, 2022. Please tune into Noldy Music’s YouTube channel or any streaming service on April 1, 2022, for the release of “mE” and download to your playlist for continual enjoyment.

Noldy Music is an International sub-label/studio of Simplicity 26 Records. Simplicity 26 is an international independent record label that is a subsidiary under Selustive Notion International, based in Detroit Lakes, MN; along with sister companies Noldy Music, One Beat Music Kenya, Com'ere Productions, Chronic Leaf Records, Phunky Phamous Entertainment, & Simplicity 26 Distribution. Simplicity 26 is ran by Executive Producer Matthew "Unspoken Notion" Clark, Engineer/Producer Eddie Hudson (Multi-platinum Award Winner), and Producer/Engineer Fitzerynold Cadet (Bass Guitarist for VAYB formerly known as Carimi). Some artist with signed works to Simplicity 26 are; KLÖ, Mike Dominico, Kenny Summit, M&Project, K-Nactif, Manny Rebel, Ella René, Mickey Orlando, David Wiegand, Ivan Lee & Friends, Mapozi Classic, Lizzie, & Rofence.

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