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Lawyer Costs Cut to 5 Percent of Normal Charges

Low Cost Lawyers

Low Cost Lawyers

New service curates the best lawyers on “gig economy” websites to provide outstanding legal services for clients in the US and UK at very low prices.

LONDON, ENG, UNITED KINGDOM, March 31, 2022 / -- New service curates the best lawyers on “gig economy” websites to provide outstanding legal services for clients in the US and UK at very low prices. Lawyers are selected based on their own client/customer feedback. This service is available on (to hire low cost lawyers in the US) and (to hire low cost solicitors in the UK).

The gig economy has been a disrupter of several industries over the past few years, but legal professionals are still charging high fees in relation to what the rest of the economy is doing. This service seeks to change that.

Gordon Barr is the founder of two new legal service websites where ordinary people are able to hire fully qualified and experienced lawyers who are charging as little as 5 percent of what is normally charged by law firms.

Gordon says “Everyone seems conditioned to the idea that when you hire a lawyer you are moving into a world where every professional charges multiple times what you'd expect to pay in any other sphere of life. So our team decided that it was time for a bit of a shake-out.

“In fact, we wondered why the gig economy didn’t include legal practitioners. It includes designers, web developers and writers as well as drivers and plumbers, so why not attorneys? Then we looked further and saw that there actually were lawyers included, but people couldn’t seem to find them.”

Gordon and his team found that such legal services were very difficult to find because of the very poor quality of the search function on the gig sites themselves.

The legal services on the two new sites are designed for everyday legal requirements such as contracts, agreements and specific tasks, and all lawyers are specialists in their own fields which include car sale agreements, house sale contracts (conveyancing) and real estate law, NDAs, MOUs, bankruptcy, copyright, contracts of all sorts, family law including divorce and custody, wills, employment law, company incorporation and business law, all kinds of disputes, and most areas of the law.

"When people see what our lawyers are charging and then compare it with the glowing feedback, they can't quite believe it”, says Gordon. “Now ordinary people have access to everyday legal help at a price they don't have to worry about. Now they can get that planning permission off the ground or change the terms of a lease or draw up a business contract or prenuptial agreement for less than a four figure sum, and quite often a two figure sum.

“The lawyers who provide these services have been carefully vetted for quality and reliability; their specialist services only appear on our site if they have achieved very high client satisfaction ratings. Yet they charge a small fraction of what lawyers normally charge.”

You can visit the websites in question at:

The website is divided conveniently in sectors for each legal specialty and visitors are able to browse through these for free and compare the legal services provided.


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