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Get To Know The Essency EXR, The World's First On-Demand Tank Water Heater

The Essency EXR water heater, unpacked and ready to go

Sleek, modern and very powerful -- it's the new Essency EXR hot-water-on-demand tank water heater.

Pointing out the intuitive, digital control panel located on the outside of the tank.

Owners can set-up and control the EXR by using the onboard touchscreen control panel -- and also by using the MyEssency digital app.

The EXR Is Everything That A Modern Water Heater For The Home Needs To Be -- And More!

The Essency EXR offers homeowners more of what they want in a water heater than any other comparable model, tank or tankless, on the market today.”
— Scott Isaksen
HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, March 31, 2022 / -- Now people can have their tank water heater – and enjoy a near-endless abundance of hot water on demand thanks to the new Essency EXR water heater.

The Essency EXR water heater is making its world debut in the United States this year. Designed in France, it’s the world’s first on-demand tank water heater – so new that it’s carving out a new industry niche for itself.

“The Essency EXR offers people more of what they want in a water heater than any other comparable model, tank or tankless, on the market today,” says Scott Isaksen, national sales director for Essency Water Heaters’ Houston-based U.S. and North American operations.

The EXR packs a lot of punch for a 55-gallon tank water heater. It produces hot water at a mind-blowing 80-gallons First Hour Rating (FHR), using the hot water stored in the tank to heat incoming tap water that passes through an oversized stainless steel heat exchanger. That’s enough hot water for nine consecutive showers, more than enough to meet almost every household’s daily needs.

The EXR excels at water temperature stability – no more not so hot endings to the daily shower with the EXR in the house!

Industry professionals familiar with the EXR say it’s the water heater that the market has been waiting for – it installs easily, just like a conventional tank water heater, so there’s typically no expensive system upgrade required. It produces nearly endless hot water, offers app-based connectivity for controls, and requires very little maintenance. No need to drain it down regularly or replace anode rods, because the water stored in the tank never enters the household system. It doesn’t even have an anode rod, or a dip tube for that matter. The stored water acts as a thermal battery, transferring heat on demand to incoming tap water.

And that tank – it’s made to last. It’s warrantied to last for 20 years, and the manufacturer says it can last for 30 years or more since it’s constructed of high quality, durable polymer material that won’t rust or go bad from scale buildup.

It’s the next generation in hot water technology for the home, and it’s here now in the U.S. Ask for it from your plumber; to find an authorized Essency EXR installer and to learn more about the EXR and its advantages as a hot water on demand, tank water heater, visit the company's website at or call 888-629-6285.

Scott Isaksen
Essency Water Heaters
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See How The Essency EXR Operates -- Giving Homeowners The Best Of Both Tank And Tankless Type Water Heaters.