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Erin Flynn, Founder of Erin Flynn Fine Jewelry, Provides Hands On Customer Service with Clients to Spark Imagination

Erin Flynn, Founder of Erin Flynn Fine Jewelry

Erin Flynn Fine Jewelry

The ability to bridge the past, present, and future from both a practical and stylistic approach is a niche that Erin Flynn Fine Jewelry caters to and finds exceptionally rewarding.”
— Erin Flynn Jewelry

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2022 / -- Erin Flynn, Founder of Erin Flynn Fine Jewelry, believes it is critical to assist her clients in imagining, designing, and creating a well-considered jewelry wardrobe that reflects their particular style, hobbies, and passions while working with them every step of the way. As a result, rather than simply 'completing a transaction', understanding a client's specific demands involves developing a relationship, which is reflected in the quality and meaning associated with each individual piece, as well as the statement made when examining the jewelry collection as a whole.

"Redesigning heirloom jewelry to be more modern and wearable where I really excel - and what I enjoy," states Flynn. "While most of my clients enjoy jewelry they are naturally drawn to for its design, gem, stone, or other visual or physical elements, the overwhelming majority find the deepest sense of connection, meaning, nostalgia, or joy in pieces that are steeped in antiquity, family history, or personal experience. The ability to bridge the past, present, and future from both a practical and stylistic approach is a niche that Erin Flynn Fine Jewelry caters to and finds exceptionally rewarding."

Leveraging collections as a source of inspiration for one-of-a-kind jewelry is an important offering. Not every client has a crystal clear notion of what they want and being able to browse our collections might help them focus their search, spark an idea, or simply get a sense for what is available in the boutique fine jewelry market. Many clients will find exactly what they are looking for in one of our signature lines; others will want to customize an existing piece and "make it their own" - this is where Erin Flynn Fine Jewelry's customization elements make it a perfect partner for those seeking that level of insight, experience, and expertise.

Flynn continues, "I am a woman who follows her heart. Prior to launching my own jewelry line, I spent a successful career in corporate development and investment banking, but deep in my core felt as if I wasn’t doing what I was meant to do. I have always been obsessed with the interplay of design and beauty and reached a point in my life where I was ready to take a risk to chase my passions and dreams. To that end, I left my corporate life and went to work for Tiffany & Co. and Cartier to learn the industry from the ground up, providing me with the real-world experience and confidence to turn my lifelong hobby into a viable business that today is Erin Flynn Fine Jewelry."

"Simply put, I love creating something that doesn't exist. I love being able to take someone’s vision or even a favorite stone and make it come alive in a piece of jewelry; in turn, that piece takes on a new meaning for the wearer in a way they perhaps couldn’t have imagined," states Flynn. "I also want to make custom jewelry accessible to a wider audience: too often, the notion of custom jewelry is limited to an engagement ring or other event-driven jewelry, and many people don’t know how to get everyday pieces exactly as they want, or even that such a service is available to them. Erin Flynn Fine Jewelry specializes in meeting both these demands."

Erin Flynn Fine Jewelry's signature collection pieces are frequently regarded as a beginning point and even a source of inspiration. These are pieces that can be gifted or purchased to add to a jewelry wardrobe, although someone may like emeralds instead of diamonds in the champagne bubbles pin drop earrings, or someone may prefer the piece with all diamonds and no gold discs - or even all gold discs. Flynn wants the buyer to be engaged with what they're buying in order for the final product to be something they adorn and adore. Clients can also bring a budget to Flynn, which they can use as a reference point to guarantee they are staying within the client's budget.

"I am a perfectionist and have spent years refining and fine-tuning the designs in my collections. More to the point, I am not interested in solely selling what I have in stock," continues Flynn. "I want the piece to be perfect for the buyer; I want clients to get exactly what they want; in short, I want the final product to become their favorite piece of jewelry. To achieve this, I began with sketches years ago which were then developed into prototypes. After seeing the first versions, I made changes to textures, sizes, diamond carat weights, and necklace chain weights. It has always been very important that the pieces are exactly as I envision them, and that no shortcuts are ever taken. For example, with Defining Lines, I went through half a dozen prototypes with different finishes on the patterns before deciding on the vertical stripe texture. In this way, each piece is made like a custom piece of art rather than a mass-marketed product, and each piece is handmade with an individual serial number for authenticity."

Flynn gains inspiration from around the world, especially through travels and her time living abroad. She regularly attends industry-leading gem and stone shows to source her materials and keeps abreast of industry developments and market trends. Flynn has been making jewelry for 20 years. She fell in love with the art in her 20s and started designing pieces for friends and family, eventually developing a line of jewelry that was sold in local boutiques and featured in national fashion and pop culture magazines, including People, US Weekly, Southern Living, and others. After about a decade as a side business, Flynn made the decision to close the company when she had children and took a job in investment banking for a more stable career. "But something (not so) funny happened inside of me when I cut out the work I most enjoyed to focus solely on my corporate career - not only did I feel a personal void, I missed the jewelry itself," states Flynn. "I found myself up at midnight making jewelry when, during that chapter in my life, I should have been doing just about anything else. So five years ago, I decided to make a plan to get back into jewelry in a significant way - to go big - but I understood I couldn’t achieve my goals without laying the groundwork and starting from the bottom so that I truly understood what I would be launching into. In 2021, with these invaluable experiences to inform my thinking, strategy, and goals, Erin Flynn Fine Jewelry was born."

Flynn continues, "I wanted to do something that I loved and I was proud of - I had many jobs that were interesting and provided professional and financial success, but none of them spoke to my passions or had intrinsic meaning to me. Moreover, I wanted to show my children that if you put your mind to it - to always start with a ‘yes’ - dreams can be imagined, worked towards, and met - that it’s possible to do what you love and, in so doing, 'never work a day in your life.’ As a mother, it’s an important message for me to deliver as they begin their own journeys."

For Flynn's clients and so many others, there is something magical about diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry. "Almost everybody has a piece of jewelry that they covet – maybe it is an engagement ring, a wedding band, a diamond pendant necklace, a gold stacking ring, or pair of handsome cufflinks. Helping people create their jewelry wardrobe brings them joy and my joy, and ultimately that’s what Erin Flynn Fine Jewelry is all about," concludes Flynn

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