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Local Texas Solar Company Supports Homeowners in Dropping Their Electric Bill

Solar Panel Installation for Texas Home

Solar Panel Installation for Texas Home

The team at Go Solar Energy Texas is assisting homeowners with "going solar" in their community to better the environment and zero out their electric bills.

HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, March 29, 2022 / -- Go Solar Energy Texas, one of the state’s leading providers of TX solar power, announces their latest drive to help homeowners drop their electric bills.

The state of Texas leads the country in carbon emissions, producing some 13% of the nation’s carbon dioxide in 2018, according to some sources. The state’s carbon emissions for that year were more than double that of California, the second-highest producer of emissions in the country.

One reason for this grim statistic is that Texas homeowners use about 26% more power than property owners in other states. Since these statistics are not likely to change anytime soon, there has never been a better time to choose Texas solar, says the owners of Go Solar Energy Texas.

“We’re seeing more demand for power in the state of Texas these past years,” says the company’s owners. “No doubt this is due to more consumers choosing power-hungry appliances and electronics for their home,” they say. The company’s owners noted that many home renovation projects today tend to include larger refrigerators, and “smart appliances” including dishwashers and washers and dryers, all of which use more energy than ever before.

Additionally, they note that more homeowners are interested in advanced security systems that also consume more power. Demand for Ring Doorbells, for example, is expected to grow about 21% per year through 2023. “That’s just one example of how homeowners are increasing home security with advanced electronics. Add to that the number of family members with cell phones that need constant charging, and other electrical demands, and it’s no wonder energy costs are skyrocketing for the average Texan.”

What’s the solution? A solar panel installation for TX properties, of course! “Solar offers so many benefits for homeowners in the Lone Star State,” said Go Solar Energy Texas owners. “First of all, you’re talking about clean, green energy produced without any fumes, emissions, or other pollutants. The more you rely on solar energy for your home’s power needs, the fewer pollutants produced to satisfy those needs.”

Are pollutants such a concern when it comes to electrical energy? “Even the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA admits that electricity production is responsible for a huge amount of pollutants,” says the owners of Go Solar Energy Texas. “That includes mercury and other toxic metals, all of which end up in the air you breathe and water you drink.”

Reduced pollutants are not the only reason to consider solar panels for TX homes, however, as the owners of Go Solar Energy Texas go on to state. “Since Texans use so much electricity for their homes, that obviously translates to some of the highest utility bills you’ll ever see, no matter the going rate for electricity. Solar energy for Texas homes means lowering or even eliminating those bills throughout the year.”

So how does solar energy work to reduce your power bills? Go Solar Energy Texas owners explain that homes don’t actually run on solar power itself. “To do that, you would need what’s called a battery bank, or a set of batteries to store solar power for when it’s needed. That’s typically expensive and cumbersome, and not necessary!”

Instead, they explain the process of net metering, or selling the power produced by residential solar power in Texas back to your utility company. “When you choose solar energy, our Texas solar installers don’t disconnect your home from the utility grid. Instead, your solar panels are wired through your home and to your electric meter.” And what happens from there? “Your home is still powered with electricity from your power company. However, you’re credited for the solar power produced by your home’s panels.”

This can mean a tremendous energy savings, they explain, especially given the state’s sunny weather conditions. “Let’s say you use a hundred dollars of electricity in a month, but your solar panels produce ninety dollars worth of power. In the end, you get a bill for the ten-dollar difference, without having to adjust your energy usage throughout the home.” Can solar panels even eliminate your home’s power bills? “Considering how much sun those panels might receive, it’s entirely possible, at least during the sunniest times of the year.”

Since a home isn’t powered by solar panels but still gets its power through a local utility company, how does this reduce pollutants produced by power plants? The answer is simple, explains Go Solar Energy Texas owners. “The more solar power sent back to the utility companies, the less they need to use coal and other fossil fuels to create needed electricity. In the end, it’s a win-win for consumers and for the environment overall and we want to ensure as many residents as possible understand that, and all the benefits of solar energy.”

About Go Solar Energy Texas

The owners of Go Solar Energy Texas are dedicated to ensuring that local homeowners understand all these benefits of solar panel installation and to finding the solar array that fits their property. With over a decade of experience in residential solar power for Texas properties, they understand all the intricate details of how solar panels work and what they can do for area homeowners. Additionally, Go Solar Energy Texas carries a wide range of solar panels, to fit every consumer’s power needs and installation budget. Our office is located at 201 Main St, #12, Houston, TX 77002. Our team is also currently taking appointments to discuss solar energy with area homeowners and to provide them with a FREE quote for the solar panel installation they need for their property.

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