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Methanol Institute Organizes Webinar on Methanol’s Role in the Indian Energy Landscape

DELHI, INDIA, March 29, 2022 / -- The Methanol Institute (MI – is hosting a webinar titled Methanol's role in India's Energy Mix on April 12, 2022 at 1400 hrs (IST). The webinar will feature speakers from NITI Aayog-Government of India, The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), and Argus Media who will discuss the policy initiatives, opportunities for the methanol industry, and the potential role of methanol in the country's energy transition and ensuring energy security.

As India is expanding its energy basket to fulfil its growing energy requirements, methanol is a promising solution that can support the country's transitioning energy landscape. Methanol utilization continues to grow rapidly across a diverse range of applications.

Methanol is strategic to India's efforts to be more self-sustaining as methanol can be produced with indigenous resources. This allows the country to reduce its reliance on imported energy products while growing a domestic methanol industry that will create more economic opportunities within the country. Methanol has been on the government's agenda since 2016 as a strategic product that can help India achieve the 2070 vision. As a promising future fuel, methanol is traded widely around the world. It is used to fuel applications such as fuel cells, gensets, cookstoves, industrial boilers, and road & marine transport vehicles. When produced from conventional feedstocks such as natural gas, the combustion of methanol significantly reduces emissions of sulphur oxides (SOx), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and particulate matter. Methanol can also be produced from renewable feedstocks to offer applications a pathway to reduce their lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions. Beyond its utilization as a fuel, methanol is also increasingly recognized as a superior hydrogen carrier as it can be easily stored, transported, and reformed into hydrogen when needed.

The webinar will highlight methanol’s ability to shape India’s evolving energy landscape and support its expanding economy. Speakers will explore the future outlook for methanol as an alternative fuel across diverse industries including automobile, shipping, and the power sector before outlining the commercially viable methanol applications for meeting India’s energy needs.

With such diverse applications, methanol can play a bigger role in India’s energy transition while strengthening the country’s energy security. To learn more about methanol as an alternative fuel its emergence as a promising energy solution in India’s energy landscape, register for the webinar HERE


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The Methanol Institute (MI) serves as the global trade association for the methanol industry, representing the world’s leading producers, distributors, and technology companies. Founded in 1989 in Washington DC, MI now represents its members from five offices worldwide in Washington DC, Beijing, Brussels, Delhi, and Singapore.

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