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Social Media Giants Come to Life in the Provocative new DJ Movie; "Nightclub Star" from Jesse Felsot

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Jesse Felsot directing "Nightclub Star"

Social Media has changed the landscape of being a DJ in today's society with Hip Hop artists looking to take on a gangsta lifestyle and cause havoc in the club

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2022 / -- A tale of how big the DJ has really become with the power of social media is on display in Nightclub Star. For good or bad, social media is here to stay and DJ’s are capitalizing by reaching their fan base and followers through the likes of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other outlets. Social Media mostly with Instagram has become the standard of whether a DJ is hired or not and their Social media following is taken seriously by club owners, and brand specialists if they want to hire that DJ and if he/she will be good for their business. The DJ is now a big corporate business and its more than just spinning records these days. We are introduced to 8 figures in the film, ranging from DJ’s such as DJ Trauma; Dave Chappelle’s Touring DJ, Pop Singer and DJ; Monika Starling, International DJ; DJ Akio and also the in the Latin culture with DJ Luxury hailing from East L.A and also Long Beach female rapper, Natural Red. The East side of L.A. is in the backdrop of the film and gives the film a cultural awareness and lets us know where we are. The “realness” of the film is in effect with the way it is shot with a gritty street feel but at the same time has a glossy and professional looking tone and feel. Former "Training Day" Producer's Assistant turned music video producer and now filmmaker Jesse Felsot fresh off his previous R&B/Hip Hop debut film, “Where’s the Soul?” now on Amazon Prime and Tubi and a veteran in the music video world and who was a producer on the David Ayer/MGM film, "Harsh Times" now streaming on Amazon Prime brings a fresh insight and West Coast attitude to the table on this which blends in feature length and music video elements and a good amount of Hip Hop beats and 2d imagery to wow the viewer. The film takes us into a darker harsh territory with a eerie rap song from rapper Brotha Lynch Hung with how rappers are using social media and nightclubs to show off shooting a club up to gain likes and sales on their albums which is becoming a harsh reality and actually a sad reality. We see imagery of rappers with all types of guns and how demented some become an how these kids are imitating these rappers and what they hear on the radio and see in the club to imitate and try to make themselves become something of a show and spectacle on social media. Shootings in clubs has been a prominent story across the country and the film does a good job of showcasing this with questioning what is going on? The nightclub is more than just the DJ playing the jams and bringing in the there is another “down low” world taking place with women/strippers as escorting through the clubs luring in men and being showed off by clubs to attract the business with entry fees and alcohol sales just like any Strip Club in America but happening in mainstream clubs along with the drug usage harming young kids. The film goes back and forth between mainstream clubs like the glamorous Hollywood nightclubs to the more inner city urban-Latino centric clubs in Los Angeles. The film has a pro-Latino feel and it displayed through Latino DJ’s; DJ Luxury and DJ Ghetto Funk. The advance of Technology suggests it is easier to be a DJ today and seems like everyone is a DJ but only so many make it to the top that have the talent to do so but with that said its also its easier than ever for females to be DJ’s as well as we see with Monika Starling and her outstanding set show at Club Avalon in Hollywood and female DJ; DJ Bella Foxx. As we go through each sub section of the film, we are engaged by the way it is shot, the backdrops behind each interview and stay interested due to the nonstop soundtrack keeping us in the moment of the film. The film is well put together and sounds and looks really good with the different color grades and a 5.1 surround mix from Gabriel Freeman and Split 20 Studios. The Hip Hop beats are done by New York and now LA based DJ; DJ Arejeigh and the film is shot by Tiro Rose and Le’Andre “Dre” Belle. Felsot oversees the soundtrack and every beat and the Soundtrack is very good and takes us from rap songs with the likes of Brotha Lynch Hung, Natural Red, and Latino rapper Neyson D to more electrifying EDM/Pop from DJ Monika Starling and back and forth to match the action in a compelling manner to give the viewer a bit of everything. This film is currently out on ITunes in the US and Canada and will be arriving to Tubi in May 2022 and other VOD platforms for your home viewing. Highly recommended.

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