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Salman Yousuf Incorporates The Digital Drifts For Abtach Ltd

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PAKISTAN, March 23, 2022 / -- ABTACH is the fastest evolving IT company that delivers remarkably great IT-related services. Launched in 2015, now it is among the topmost IT firms in Pakistan. In a very short span of 7 years, it has prolonged its arms across six regions worldwide.

Abtach Ltd is so privileged to have an impressively meticulous workforce led by the assiduous leadership of Azneem Bilwani and Salman Yousuf. Because of them, the company has printed noticeable footprints in the field of technology.

The devotion of Salman Yousuf (Chief Operating Officer) towards abtach has shown the true colors of success in a very limited time span. He has incorporated the latest digital trends and trained his workforce to provide the finest solutions to the customers. He has been an innovator in emerging business tactics equipping with up-to-date tech trends.

As far as the expertise of Salman Yousuf are concerned; he is an outgoing individual who loves to face challenges with dignity. A self-learner and a self-motivated person who is eager to set new trends in the IT sector of Pakistan.

Salman Yousuf is an AdWords Certified Professional having enormous experience in various fields related to marketing and advertising. In addition, he has a keen insight and specializes in the following PPC functions: Google AdWords, Google Adword Editor, Google Analytics, Google Ad-sense, Google Display Advertising, Google Search Advertising, Gmail Sponsored Promotion, Google Shopping (Froogle), Google Pixel Re-targeting, Google Dynamic Re-targeting, Bing Advertising, Bing Editor, Bing Search, Advertising Bing, Display Advertising Bing, Retargeting Facebook advertising (Newsfeed, Mobile, Right Column & Mobile Partners), Facebook Pixel Re-targeting, Facebook Own Customer Re-targeting, LinkedIn Advertising, Twitter Advertising, Twitter Retargeting, Amazon Shopping, Advertising eBay, Shopping Advertising.

The industry of science and technology is unceasingly emerging with the passage of time which has brought a necessity for businesses to incorporate the latest drifts in the field of technology so that they can facilitate their clients with the recent trends.

The core emphasis of Salman Yousuf is on incorporating digital drifts for its company. The Abtach ltd has followed a few noteworthy digital trends which are the most desirable for the IT industry to have a firm grip on.

Metaverse - The stimulated digital setting that uses augmented reality i.e., through which one can escape from reality.

Augmented Reality – Virtual objects can be seen in natural settings. i.e., providing info about the objects or places in the surroundings.

Virtual Reality – Interact in an artificial environment i.e., play virtual games using VR goggles.

Controversial Marketing – Make noise for the brand using controversies.

Location-based marketing – Aware users through a mobile device about the offerings of nearby products or services.

Programmatic Advertising – Marketing through digital or print publication i.e., automatically buy a print or digital campaign.

Salman Yousuf served Abtach with utmost dedication and is still spending his worthy time because he is eager to take his firm to the next level heights. ABTACH has now gained a reputable image as a notable IT firm across the globe. Abtach has expanded its business. Its headquarter is located in Karachi, Pakistan. It has 7 workplaces in the 6 most important regions i.e., the UK, USA, UAE, Turkey, and China.

Salman Yousuf is a person who is always been a step ahead of his competitors in utilizing advancement in his company. Abtach and Salman Yousuf, both are equipped to cater to the forthcoming challenges. After the various controversies against the company, it will be right to say that ABTACH is like a phoenix, a bird who is raised from the ashes and flying to reach its optimal goal.

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