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Kickstarter Campaign to bring the World's Most Customizable Medication Reminder Product to Market

Smart Container for your Meds

Kickstarter Campaign Announcement

May 1, 2022, the launch of a new Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign focused on providing a cutting-edge solution for medication reminders.

We are excited to announce the RxKeeper Kickstarter Campaign. We hope to reduce health problems by focusing on the user-friendliness, rich features, and simplicity of our medication reminder system.”
— Company Spokesman
ROSWELL, GA, UNITED STATES, April 7, 2022 / -- Status Alert LLC is a startup bringing innovative ideas to market that we believe will contribute to a better tomorrow. We are dedicated to improving lives by offering highly affordable, advanced technology solutions to increase medication adherence. It includes people with many prescriptions, parents managing kids' medication, and older adults needing extra help keeping track of their medications. In addition, our solution addresses Medication Adherence such that it reduces the burden on people needing care, their caregivers, and care institutions.

Half of the 3.2 billion annual prescriptions dispensed in the United States are not taken as prescribed. Approximately 125,000 deaths per year in the United States are linked to medication non-adherence. The monetary cost for non-adherence is an estimated $300 billion each year, which stems from additional doctor visits, emergency room visits, hospital readmissions, and additional medications. In addition, 57 million Americans cite forgetting as the primary reason for not taking their medication.

RxKeeper was created to help reduce the cost of medication adherence. It reminds users to take their medication on time and aims to positively influence behavior to increase medication adherence using sensors and smart notifications.

RxKeeper is the only medication reminder to offer eight customizable alerts to encourage medication adherence. RxKeeper comprises two components; a mobile storage container connected to WiFi and a smartphone App. With the option of Push notifications, SMS, Email, voice call, smart speaker, and smart bulb/display notifications, a user can ensure they have the best chance of never missing a medication dose again.

Importantly, caretakers can also be notified when a medication dose is missed, making it easier to care for those requiring medication oversight, such as children or the elderly. RxKeeper has been designed to fit seamlessly into a medication routine. It removes the need to keep on top of medication manually, reducing the strain faced by caregivers and care institutions.

RxKeeper benefits many groups: senior citizens, Alzheimer's patients, aging in place citizens, busy individuals, parents of children needing chronic care, hospitals for reducing readmissions, managed care organizations, and pharmaceutical companies.

The RxKeeper app is intuitive and user-friendly for even the least tech-savvy user, making it an invaluable tool for anybody caring for someone with complex medication needs. Especially, long-term chronic care regimens for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and asthma, where medication adherence is essential.

We are excited to announce the Kickstarter campaign for RxKeeper. We hope to reduce health problems by focusing on the user-friendliness, rich features, and simplicity of our medication reminder system.

Dr. Nagesh Kadaba
Status Alert LLC
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