fluidIQ Chosen as an Innovation Leader for this Week’s LSI Emerging Medtech Summit


photo of Matt Vogelhuber, Chief Operating Officer and director for fluidIQ

Matt Vogelhuber, Chief Operating Officer, director, fluidIQ

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Startup in emergency respiratory care to present today at 4:05 PM PDT

It’s an honor to present and engage with investors as well as other leaders in the Medtech space and to showcase our team, talent and technology”
— Matt Vogelhuber, CEO, fluidIQ
DANA POINT, CA, USA, March 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- fluidIQ, a startup MedTech company developing fluidics-based respiratory solutions, announced today it has been chosen as an Innovation Leader for the LSI Emerging Medtech Summit in Dana Point, California happening this week. fluidIQ Chief Executive Officer, Matt Vogelhuber, RPh., will present today at 4:05 PM local time, marking the beginning of the company’s seed fundraising round.

“It’s an honor to present and engage with investors as well as other leaders in the Medtech space and to showcase our team, talent and technology,” said Vogelhuber. “We know strategics and investors attend this LSI meeting seeking out innovative companies and quality deal-flow and we are ready to show them how fluidIQ meets their goals and can complement their portfolios.”

fluidIQ is less than two years old and has reached milestones that take most companies several years to accomplish. Founded in summer 2020, the company has a collaborative research agreement with the National Institutes of Health’s Clinical Center and has made the submission of its first product to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Commercialization is expected in the third quarter, pending FDA clearance.

The company’s lipstick-sized resuscitator is aimed at disrupting the emergency medicine space by replacing antiquated 70-year-old manual resuscitation tools that are known to be cumbersome for responders and risky for patients.

fluidIQ’s experienced executive team is made up of industry executives, doctors, engineers and patient advocates who came together in the early days of the pandemic.

About fluidIQ™
fluidIQ, a public benefit and Delaware corporation, provides simple yet elegant solutions based on proprietary fluidics technology. The company was founded by a group of doctors, engineers and patient advocates who joined together to find solutions for gaps in medical needs, including ventilators, in the midst of the coronavirus-caused world crisis. fluidIQ aims to deliver hope to a world in need with simple, easy-to-deploy technology solutions that solve the most pressing medical challenges of our time. fluidIQ’s roadmap for an entire family of products is based on fluidics-operated devices dedicated to filling gaps in emergency and preparedness protocols that are user-friendly, scalable and cost-effective. The science of fluidics uses air or fluids to operate things automatically without the need for electricity or batteries. Please visit www.fluidIQ.org to learn more.

Teresa Barnes