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The Height Adjustable Desk from Jin Office to revolutionize the office furniture

Office Solutions

Office Solutions

height adjustable table offers a generous work surface and a smart solution that takes special care of the user’s health.

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, March 16, 2022 / -- Most people find it hard to be seated in the same posture for prolonged periods of time.

An adjustable table lets its user switch between standing and sitting positions - to be active. Active sitting can enrich the mood and body posture - benefitting health in the long run.

A well-designed sturdy monitor Wall Mount (adjustable desk) is guaranteed to outlast years of coffee and laborious work. JIN Office Solutions’ height-adjustable table offers a generous work surface and a smart solution that takes special care of the user’s health.

It is projected that the contemporary height adjustable desk market is poised to grow by $2.73 billion globally. According to several market forecasts and analyses reports, the heightened demand for contemporary adjustable tables is due to an increase in the number of office spaces within the last few years as well as a rapid boost in the WFH work-from-home setups.

Dynamic sitting - Sit or Stand - be active, not static

Being static and sitting in the same posture can be detrimental to health. Not changing the sitting position yields constant pressure on specific joints causing severe injuries. Switching the height of the Monitor Stand and changing the altitude of the Monitor Arms keeps the body posture - changing. Dynamic sitting enables its user to interchange between the conventional seated position to a higher, almost standing posture eventually reducing the harm caused by static sitting.

Power posture

The adjustable table enables a smooth transition between sitting and standing. It provides users with the freedom to choose their posture and strike the right balance between sitting and standing positions according to their personal needs. Additionally, active sitting expands the angle in-between the spinal cord and legs. Such expansion help align the feet under the shoulder. It improves posture and prevents fatigue. Dynamic seating also changes the joints and muscles that bear the strain of being seated.

Better blood circulation

When the body is in motion, muscles get the chance to relax and contract which helps boost blood circulation. It is only possible with a height-adjustable desk. And this is usually not the case with a non-adjustable desk - where sitting for a prolonged period of time leads to swollen ankles and varicose veins. A height-adjustable desk helps keep the body active, causing more oxygen flow throughout the body. A fresher mind and healthier body help teams perform their work better and more productively.

Even Bigger Deskspace

Most jobs today require multiple items open on our desks. And if the job role demands constant access to electronic devices and a stockpile of paperwork, then there is a need for plenty of desk space. Pick one of our height-adjustable tables that have a generous top and provide ample room to work. Access to the entire desk area without having to stretch or move around too much is an additive benefit of the height-adjustable tables.

Besides that, the adjustable table with kinetic Monitor Arms and movable Monitor Stand including the Monitor Wall Mount facet allows the users to customize the dynamic (standing) desk to their optimal ergonomic height and suitable format.

The clean lines, the lightweight, uncluttered design provides generous knee clearance and can easily blend into the contemporary home office landscape.

The height-adjustable table offered by JIN Office solutions is designed and tested to enable peak workplace performance.

JIN Office Solutions is a market leader in supplying ergonomic products to a variety of corporate end customers through authorized distributors all over India.

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