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Paint Color Specialist Bucks the Trends, Using the Psychology of Color to Turn Homes into Havens

Kelly Fitzsimmons of Paint the Town Red

Following color trends is not what makes people love their homes.

Stop thinking about room painting as a one-and-done project, and you’ll feel more confident choosing colors.”
— Kelly Fitzsimmons,
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, March 14, 2022 / -- Most Americans paint their home’s interior every 7-10 years—and often, overwhelmed, they simply follow the trend of the moment. That can backfire.

Many people are at a loss choosing colors, so they select safe “popular” hues that they have no real connection with and the result is uninspiring. The colors do not ignite their soul. Color isn’t one-size-fits-all—and if the trend’s not a good fit, they feel out of place in their own home.

Kelly Fitzsimmons is a paint color specialist who has been guiding homeowners through a highly-personalized color selection process that’s grounded in art and science.

It starts by understanding how a person wants to feel in a given space—i.e., their intention—and determining which precise colors make them feel that way.

Not everyone reads color the same way, it’s a personal, emotional process.

Color trends come and go and following color trends is not what makes people love their homes. You must factor in the details of any given space: flooring, lighting, texture, architectural details, etc. until the room “reveals itself.”

Only then will a paint consultant make specific recommendations, right down to paint brands, names, colors and sheens.

Shaking Off the COVID Blues—and Grays

Not surprisingly, there have been changes in personal preferences since the pandemic left many spending more time at home.

People are more sensitive to their feelings in their homes now. There’s more consensus that spaces should be healing and homes should be sanctuaries.
Particularly, many people are tired of those ubiquitous shades of gray. They might be considered “safe, easy, but unfulfilling choices.”

In addition, more people are needing help updating home offices and defining video conferencing spaces—which start by identifying the image they want to project.

Painting Tips for Do-it-Yourselfers:

According to Kelly Fitzsimmons, homeowners can take their spaces to the next level by adjusting the way they think about painting and decorating. That means:

• Stop thinking about room painting as a one-and-done project, and you’ll feel more confident choosing colors. Plus, one big advantage of frequently updating is that it forces us to purge old stuff—a rejuvenating process in itself.
• If you want to use a trendy color—say, Pantone’s 2022 pick, Very Peri—go for it. Use in small doses. Use it in your entranceway or on an accent wall, and it will be easy to change when you tire of it.
• Speaking of which, accent walls should be updated every three years!
• Not ready to paint a whole room? Paint the inside of a doors with a fresh pop of color…wallpaper one wall…or simply buy new pillows and accessories.
• That said, buying new doesn’t have to mean throwing your old belongings out. Instead, switch them out periodically to keep things interesting.

And finally: don’t get hung up on what you “can” and “can’t” do. When it comes to your home, the only rule is to be true to yourself.

Joanne Levine
Lekas & Levine PR