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Chlorophyll Water® a “Top Seller” Nationwide, “Flying off of Shelves" at Independent Grocery Stores

For More Information on Chlorophyll Water®, please visit

For More Information on Chlorophyll Water®, please visit

Join the Plant Powered Movement®, follow Chlorophyll Water® on social media at @ChlorophyllWater.

Join the Plant Powered Movement®, follow Chlorophyll Water® on social media at @ChlorophyllWater.

For More Information on Chlorophyll Water®, please visit

For More Information on Chlorophyll Water®, please visit

Chlorophyll Water® has become a “Best Seller” amongst independent grocers with retailers explaining they “cannot keep it stocked,” continuously “selling out.”

Chlorophyll Water® is one of our top sellers. Our clients love it after an infrared sauna session or Yoga class at Sweatheory. The benefits & refreshing taste keeps them coming back for more!””
— LifeFood Organic

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 14, 2022 / -- Recognized by the Green Business Bureau as “Good for the Mind, the Body, and the Planet,” Chlorophyll Water® is a plant-powered purified mountain spring water enhanced with the addition of Chlorophyll, a key ingredient and the distinct green pigment in plant life.

This past year, Chlorophyll Water® [ ] has gained mainstream popularity on social media with the hashtags #Chlorophyll and #ChlorophyllWater amassing over 580 million mentions on TikTok. Many social media users are raving about the benefits of chlorophyll and sharing their personal experiences of drinking liquid chlorophyll - everything from anti-aging to glowing and healthy skin, speeding up metabolism, immune-boosting properties, weight loss, detoxification, and boosting energy. [ ]

With the surge in demand, “…after influencers raved about the health properties of Chlorophyll Water, the brand [Chlorophyll Water®] quickly sold out…the small company's product has been flying off of shelves," according to MSN Money in an article entitled "Can't Find the Chlorophyll Water."

This popularity led to Better Homes & Gardens declaring Chlorophyll Water “The Latest Green Nutritional Trend Taking Over Grocery Stores,” calling it “one of the latest trends for improving health…the research that’s available does suggest the health benefits of chlorophyll include antioxidant activity, gut-health promotion, and anti-inflammation effects.”

Gaining consumer-generated awareness on social media and being featured in the mainstream media within such publications ranging from Vogue to Women’s Health, has helped Chlorophyll Water® become a favorite amongst independent grocers nationwide.

Shawna, founder of The Eat Well Market, a boutique grocery market in Concord, NC, calls Chlorophyll Water® “Delicious!” and says their “customers and staff members love this water! Chlorophyll Water® is one of our best sellers storewide!”

Paradise Health & Nutrition, a Florida institution for healthy food and vitamins, shares that Chlorophyll Water® “Tastes great! Our customers tell us how wonderful they feel after drinking this. We love carrying this product!”

Ashley of LifeFood Organic, a health food marketplace based in Los Angeles shares, “Chlorophyll Water® is one of our top sellers. Our clients love it best after an infrared sauna session or Yoga class at our sister company, Sweatheory. The benefits and refreshing taste keeps them coming back for more!”

Kyleigh, founder of The Wholesome Hippie, a family owned and operated juice bar located in Willoughby, OH, explains that Chlorophyll Water® is "a highly functional water that not only tastes great, but promotes alkalinity, oxygenates and repairs your body's cells and boosts your energy levels. Our customers love this beverage and its powerful health benefits. We cannot keep it stocked!"

Hess, founder of Field of Greens, a salad chain in South Florida, says, “At first I was not sure how Chlorophyll Water® would sell at our 3 Field of Greens locations. I purchased a case for each store but it was selling out so quick that we are now up to 5 cases a week for each store! I have to say I myself am a big fan. I have it everyday! Tastes good, feels good and nourishing.”

Sunny’s on Second, a café and wellness store in Bentonville, AK, shares that Chlorophyll Water® is “a customer favorite” and that they “love the refreshing taste!” Similarly, Jared, founder of Blossom, a plant-based wellness store in Richmond, VA, shares that Chlorophyll Water® is very “refreshing!,” a “great product – flavor is refreshing and [delivers] calorie free energy,” recommending it for “anyone looking for hydration recovery.”

In addition to organic markets and health food retailers, wellness centers are also seeing the increased demand for Chlorophyll Water® while receiving rave reviews from customers.

Alicia, manager of Cryo-X, a leading cryotherapy treatment center in Grapevine, TX, shares that Chlorophyll Water® is their “Best selling drink! It tastes amazing and really does what it says it does…this drink is extremely popular in my spa…gives you a true energy boost and it’s packaged beautifully.”

Maddy, founder of SHE, a women’s wellness retailer in Casper, WY, explains that “as a women’s wellness store, we have made it our goal to present our customers with clean and natural products that actually work. We just recently got Chlorophyll Water® and would say they have just that. We sold half of them before they even made it to the fridge. Our customers and employees cannot get over the aesthetically pleasing packaging and the delightful taste."

Erika of Nomad, a wellness sanctuary in Chicago, IL, describes how Chlorophyll Water® continues to be a customer favorite, consistently selling out: “We have sold out 3 times now and our loyal customers are buying this plant-powered water by the case to take home.”

Gayle, founder of Ohm Lifestyle Center in Wolfeboro, NH, shares how she “loves” Chlorophyll Water®, continues that it’s “Beautiful and tastes great…really has a wow factor.” While Tessa, of Wildflour Market, a natural food store in Amery, WI, shares, “Our customers love this water! And so do our employees!”

Dr. Andrea, founder of Cincinnati Health Institute in Cincinnati, OH, explains, “At Cincinnati Health Institute we are enjoying implementing Chlorophyll Water® into our daily routine. It's refreshing mint flavor and benefits gives us the boost we need!”

From grocery stores to wellness sanctuaries, coffeehouses are also joining Chlorophyl Water’s plant-powered movement, explains Victoria, manager of Hideaway Café in Winchester, VA, sharing, “We’ve been stocking this unique product for a couple months now and even though we’re a coffeehouse, we’ve got people who come here JUST for this product. It’s delicious and you really can tell that you’ve done good for your body after drinking it. It’s on our favorite things list, for sure!”

The Power Plant, a coffee and plant oasis in Moss Landing, CA, explains, “We strive to stock products with ingredients that make us feel great about what we are putting in our bodies...We love Chlorophyll Water® and its benefits."

Independent grocery retailers and wellness centers across the country can’t stop raving about how much their customers are enjoying Chlorophyll Water®, while consumers are then heading to social media to share their personal experiences after joining Chlorophyll Water’s plant-powered movement.

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