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A New Beginning for America

Leaders lead, politicians follow

A man of faith, a husband, and a father, Mr. Vitalli’s desire to serve and represent Tennessee is driven by his faith and his love for his country.

BRENTWOOD, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, March 12, 2022 / -- Vitalli grew up in upstate NY and saw what an overreaching tyrannical government is like firsthand.

He came to Tennessee in 2013 for a meet and greet with CMT Network for his TV show that was released in 2014. He knew immediately it was where he wanted to raise his family. "I love the freedom, the relationship people have with God and how open they are speaking about it, great schools, low taxes & business-friendly, also how warm and welcoming Tennesseans are. We started looking at homes immediately, put our house up for sale in NY and I kept pushing forward to get my family to Tennessee.", Vitalli says.

Since then, he has kept a constant eye on what has been going on in Tennessee in regards to political views & stances, schools, the housing market, growth, infrastructure, refugees, covid protocols, shutdowns, etc...

Knowing he was coming to Tennessee, he started a corporation here in 2015 & another in early 2020, which are both still here today.

When asked about his decision to run for congress, Vitalli explained "I've been asked to get involved in politics for almost two decades, and I humbly declined. However, after President Trump was elected, I saw Congress and the Senate turn into reality shows. I remember the moment that I decided to run, it was during the William Barr hearings, and Congressman Cohen of Memphis pulled out a bucket of chicken. To me, it was an embarrassment to the state of Tennessee and humiliation of what our country has turned into, more theatrics from politicians instead of doing what they were elected to do. I refuse to let Tennessee turn into another purple state. I"ll do everything in my power to defend the state that I moved into and that I love.

I could have moved anywhere in the country, but I chose Tennessee as my home. My entire professional career, I have done everything I can to protect our country, our allies, and people's families and children. People may call me a “transplant” because I was finally able to get down here but the reality is that I have been actively pursuing the move to Tennessee for almost a decade. I have personally seen what the Nashville area looked like nine years ago compared to what it looks like today and the significant changes that it has gone through. It will continue to change and it will continue to change politically in a way that most Tennesseans probably will not like. Tennessee needs a strong republican candidate that appeals to both sides or they risk losing the seat when the hundreds of thousands of other transplants are expected to move here. State legislators want to change The Constitution based on the fact that they do not like the candidates. You can change the law but you can’t change the voters.

I'm running to stop seeing our country and Tennessee being pulled apart at the seams over political strife. The best thing for politicians to stay in power is to do nothing. They keep everyone fighting with each other over everything and anything to make sure no one notices that they're doing nothing to help our country, our state, and our families.

I'm as Republican as Republicans can be, but I am tired of division from inside the Republican party and across party lines. It is time to end this vicious cycle that continually goes on. There are many different parts of the Republican Party, the same with the Democratic Party. It does not matter, we are all Americans, and the sooner we all realize that the better off our country will be. You cannot lead from division; you lead from unity and strength.

I am fighting for this job to represent my state of Tennessee and protect our state constitution while upholding the United States Constitution. People sometimes forget how important this job is. This job is not for the weak nor the meek and should not be taken lightly. A person must lead from a place of strength, not weakness, and have the cunningness to know how to negotiate with others while still getting the job done. If our representatives knew how to do this, we would not be in the condition our country is in now."

What about your business? I see career speaks for itself:

• DOD Contractor 25 years
• Specialist & Consultant Department of Homeland Security
• Specialist & Consultant U.S. Department of State
• Volunteer FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
WTC K-9 Search and Rescue RESCUER TALE
CEO, Vortek International
Founder / President at AngelWatch National Accreditation Program
• Chairman, President International Environmental Corporation.
• Founder, President Work for Warriors
• Consultant for private equity Hedge funds

"I am willing to put my businesses aside, leave my family at home, and fight for our state, our rights, and our freedoms. I am okay knowing that I will be losing financially for the greater good of our country and our state. Other candidates are looking at this as a career, other candidates have already retired and looking for a homestead to go out to pasture and stay until they die. I am here to fight to get rid of career politicians, Rinos, and others that have their own agendas. One Republican leader told me, good luck, it will be a fight. I believe it's a fight worth having. I, in good conscience, cannot just keep moving forward with my head down, knowing that I could have made a difference for our future generations and my son. I have spent my entire life protecting people, putting myself in harm's way to help my family, along with strangers." Vitalli says.

Dave truly believes that is why God put him here and put him through the suffering he had to endure in his life.
It has prepared him for this; to protect our country, protect our state, and protect our way of life.

David Vitalli
Vitalli for U.S. Congress, Inc.
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