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Study Abroad Life is a source for Indian students for overseas studies

Study Abroad Life

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"—Benjamin Franklin.

NAGPUR, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, March 10, 2022 / -- "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"—Benjamin Franklin. We should live our lives to the fullest, not only because of our karma, but also because of God's grace in this beautiful world. People need education for their wellness and the welfare of the society they live in. Education is the path for mankind to achieve prosperity and an earning system for those who need it to survive in a fast-paced technological world. In a growing world, who doesn’t want a good education?
"Study Abroad Life" is an organisation that deals with overseas education, especially for Indian students. "Study Abroad Life" was founded in 2011 in India by Ms. Shreya Chhabra and another co-founding member, Mr. Prasanna Bhendarkar. It has operated in the orange city of Nagpur, since its inception. "Study Abroad Life" provides consultations and the best online and offline classes to clear English proficiency exam like IELTS for those who are interested in studying abroad or settling in an overseas country.

"Study Abroad Education" refers to the bachelors and masters programmes provided by colleges and universities in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Germany, and Australia to fellows who wish to study abroad.

Overseas education is gaining more popularity among Indian students, not only because of the decent education in developed countries, but also because the people of India envisage becoming a superpower on earth. Most of the Indian fellows are eager to join overseas education programmes offered by good colleges and universities that belong to middle and upper middle class families. We are all aware of the Indian education system that does not provide the quality of education up to the mark. That’s the reason students want to get a decent practical and knowledge-based education overseas.

The main reasons for the growing popularity of overseas education are that it is now more affordable and offers scholarship opportunities to those who pass entrance exams with good marks and to those who are unable to pay the full programme fees. Our Indian government also facilitates, encourages, and helps those who are interested in joining programmes in overseas education.

The "Study Abroad Life" organisation introduces the SAL dashboard, which is a modern learning management system. The motive behind introducing the SAL dashboard is to make preparation for foreign education entrance exams more convenient for those who are enrolled in coaching programmes that are conducted by "study abroad life" organisations. In the SAL institute, offline and online classes are conducted, and all the personal data is maintained in the SAL dashboard. All enrolled students have access to a personal SAL dashboard to maintain their record. Here the participants can watch videos, read pdfs, take mock tests, etc. on their personal dashboard.

We are aware of IT firms such as Google, Twitter, and Microsoft that play a huge role in modernization. All the big organisations that are mentioned above have CEO’s of Indian origin. For example, the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai, has completed his remaining overseas education to achieve his dream and leverage India’s power all across the world. All of this credibility impacts and encourages the Indian future.

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