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Economic Security Council Advances Agenda to Win US-China Rivalry

China’s goal is to dominate a Eurasia that comprises about 70% of the world’s population and 60% of the world’s economic output.”
— Carl Delfeld
WASHINGTON, D.C., UNITED STATES, March 7, 2022 / -- The Economic Security Council, a nonpartisan 501 (c)(3) organization, has released proposals to increase economic, financial and national security as America struggles to stay a superpower and China struggles to become one.

In the last thirty years China has grown its economy at an average annual rate of 10.5% while America's growth rate has averaged just 2.5%. America has added $10 trillion to its national debt in just the last five years with annual trade and budget deficits already reaching and projected to be more than $1 trillion going forward throughout this decade. China is now the world’s largest manufacturer and exporter and is increasingly a peer rival in advanced technology such as supercomputers, cyber, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence, and has leapt ahead in developing 5G networks.

Council chairman Carl Delfeld stated that, “China’s goal is to dominate a Eurasia that comprises about 70% of the world’s population and 60% of the world’s economic output.”

One sign of China’s rapid rise is that while in 2000 it had no companies in the Fortune Global 500 rankings of the world largest companies by revenue, in 2021, China had 135 companies with the United States next with 122 companies in the rankings.

In short, China sees an America distracted, divided, and in decline.

Among the economic and financial security strategies the council recommends are:

Increasing Rare Earths and Metals Supply Chain Security

Restricting US Investment in China in Strategically Important Technologies

Incrementally Pulling Critical Supply Chains Out of China

Broadening Stock Ownership to Narrow the Wealth Gap

Expanding Nuclear Energy for Independent, Secure, Carbon Free Electricity

Strengthening the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds

Expanding Freedom of Navigation and US Seapower

Protecting the US Dollar by Restraining Spending

The Economic Security Council has also recently published, Power Rivals: America and China’s Superpower Struggle.

This book covers the history of US-China rivalry, why America was so slow in reacting to China’s rise, China’s objectives, tactics and strategies, and what America should do to keep us the most prosperous, secure, dynamic, respected and influential country in the world.

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