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"I love you so, your a dream come true, only hope you know and feel the same way too”
— HarrMonika Musik
NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, March 18, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- "Love can be wonderful when it has a place, Until its staring you in the face basically describes the 'ying and yang' of amore. THE TONAL CONTRAST OF LOVE, HarrMonika Musik's latest collection, explores the vast and complex universe of emotions that make up our perceptions of love and hate in contemporary society. Most of the songs for this collection were composed in the early 2000's and most of the recording was done between 2006 and 2009 with an original release planned for early 2010. Due to a rash of the passings of several of HarrMonika's immediate family, close personal friends and musicians who he came up with, he decided to shelve the project and focus on honoring some of the persons that he grew up with and for those that had supported him over the years. The result of that shelving was the 2014-15 release of THE TWILIGHT OF SPOKEN WORDS that includes the epic 33 minute poem of the same title. Along with several other tracks that highlight Stevie Wonder Gil Scott Heron and many others efforts to make a National Holiday to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's efforts toward Civil Rights and peace. By the way HarrMonika's Black History Month Promo was a success, viewed by approximately 35-40k persons on YouTube (as per YouTube Analytics) during the February celebration of Black Life, Culture and OurStory in America.

Love is defined as a strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties. Maternal love, intimacy and love of humanity are basic human emotions. Fondness, tenderness, warmth, attachment, endearment, devotion, adoration, idolization and worship are relevant parts of the equation. Hate is defined as extreme dislike or disgust, ill will or resentment, prejudiced hostility, animosity accompanied by malice. Together they form a labyrinthian landscape of emotions for us human beings to navigate. These two words are difficult to reconcile especially in contemporary times with some of these prejudices extending over our time here on earth and our limited understanding of life and the known and unknown universe. But why is too
deep ? 'It is what it is' is a more tangible approach. For HarrMonika love Begins with Family starting with Dad Harold and Mom Delores.

The Tonal Contrast of Love opens with the fully orchestrated title track. the lyrics spell out the contrast - love will warm your way - loves a glaring lie sitting in a clear blue sky - love will fill you up and love will fill your cup - loves a broken heart left with a promise to never part. And that is the way love goes.
We pray on Sunday and hate on Monday. Other songs include the acoustic journey of Massive Love, the warmth and intimacy of Love You, the sensual allure of Could I, a tender emotional 'jazz ballad' Stay Or Go, two a cappella offerings My Heart & Don't Make Promises and the epic finale Promises.
"I wanted to express how marvelous and wonderful love can be" says HarrMonika. But love can also be hurtful. Or is it something other than love ? These songs of course and to some extent are inspired by my personal as well as my social life. In these days and times it is incumbent on the individual to be conscious of others in their surrounding communities for their health safety care and wellness. Yes love can be 'starry eyed' - but "Earth to people" Mother Teresa once said "help the person closest to you first." Here's an idea; Let all simply remove 'hate' from the equation. Its as simple as that. Of course due to the modern world with all its personalties and complexities we are simply left with the 'content of our character' and we have to decide which way we want this to go. FYI; All tracks composed arranged performed and finalized by HarrMonika Musik.

Since June of 2021 HarrMedia And The Digital Office has released an eclectic blend of words sounds and vibrations. 'With artist on YouTube Instagram and TikTok garnering literally millions of views on the respective media platforms I'm totally humbled by the 200k views and 2.5k+ of subscribers that we have garnered recently but also totally thankful grateful and all the other words that describe my appreciation. Also very happy that these platforms do allow people to view and listen (for free) in return for them viewing ads that may very well influence and or otherwise benefit them. For me its not about celebrity or money but more about me following my call and sharing that journey with others" says HarrMonika.

Before we close this session a few other things, AppaMonika is still in the development stage... More when there is more... But we are excited ! The idea is to have all the work 'under a groove' where it can be accessed 24/7 at little to no cost. I firmly believe that music and the arts should be free of both cost and censorship. "All The Colors Of Spring' is coming the Spring of 2022. "Running an independent label is no 'cakewalk.' The 'admin' part of the process sometimes bites into rehearsal and recording times on occasion. Also Im not the only artist out here and there are times when you simply have to join a queues in order to obtain some of the technical and promotional things that accompany the release of music." And so I make no promises as regards deadlines and dates. I simply say my prayers, hope for the best and whatever shows - shows.

Once again I would like to thanks all my family 'The Friends For Life Club' (DC in da house) along with all the people that have taken their valuable time to tune in and listen and a special thanks to those that thought enough of me and the music for their comments and continuous encouragement. Our greatest hope is that you find enjoyment and enlightenment. PEACE LOVE JOY !!! HarrMonika Musik !!!

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