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The Tragedy of a Young Lady from Guam. Would She See Beauty and Light Again?

The Tragedy of a Young Lady from Guam. Would She See Beauty and Light Again?

“Author Marjorie Hersom tells this story from the depths of her heart in Captive Bride”. “She tells it with a passion and pride ...."”
— Aaron Washington

TUCSON, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, March 4, 2022 / -- A historical fiction book that allows readers to inhabit characters of a time, yet it
is a means for auto-exploring the world of real individuals. Sometimes those real individuals hold
more personal significance for the writer than the reader. Such is the case with Marjorie Hersom’s
Captive Bride, a novel of personal history, in which she traces her family's lineage on the small
western Pacific Island of Bonin. — Daniel Casey, Seattle Book Review.

This book is Maria’s story. It is a haunting story of a 15-year old girl who was abducted by two
sailors, worse with the aid of her 17-year old married aunt. Maria never thought that her peaceful
life in the small village of Hagatna in Guam would one day be devastated by just a single deed
from strangers and by a family member acting on what she thought was for Maria’s best interest.
It follows the kidnap, rape, struggles, and Maria's arduous road towards freedom and redemption.
“Hersom has the heart of a storyteller and captivates the reader with Maria’s story of survival and
passion in a beautiful island setting. The culture of the Bonin people is lovingly described with
details about customs and traditions of island life and seafaring people. The use of Creole as the
language of some of the Bonin Islanders establishes Maria as an outsider whose family and home
is lost to her. The rhythm of the island is reflected in the voices of the women who care for Maria.”
— Michelle Jacobs, US Review of Books.

A first-time author, Marjorie J. Hersom wrote Captive Bride based upon the stories her father
related during their family Sunday dinners. Marjorie was born on the island of Guam to Thomas
Edward Mayhew and Lillian Julia Hererro. Marjorie left Guam at nine-years-old with her mother

and three younger siblings to escape the impending Japanese attack on the island. After a seven-
day journey aboard a Boeing Clipper, the family reunited with their father in San Francisco.

Captive Bride
Written by: Marjorie Hersom
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