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R&B Singer-songwriter Muni Long steps into the Exeqtive Suite with DJ Exeqtive to discuss her hit single

DJ Exeqtive interviews Muni Long

Hrs And Hrs Singer Muni Long gets candid about the music business, failures, and the love that led to her hit single charting on the Billboard top 100.

I’m not some mastermind. I think the most brilliant thing that I have done is be human.”
— Muni Long
ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, February 18, 2022 / -- DJ Exeqtive is at it again! This time stepping into the Exeqtive Suite is recent R&B Billboard 100 Artist Muni Long, pronounced [money lawng], of “Hrs and Hrs”. The hit song made its debut back in November when the singer-song-writer decided to launch her own label and first song as an Artist. This has to be Muni Long's most candid interview yet.

Watch DJ Exeqtive interview Muni Long about the R&B industry.

DJ Exeqtive has interviewed quite a few Artists on their success journeys, including, most recently Chlöe Bailey. What makes Muni Long’s interview during her time in the Exeqtive Suite special is her candid insights into her failures that laid the path for eventually her debut EP “Public Displays of Affection” to becoming released.

In the interview with DJ Exeqtive, Muni Long describes her Career change from her epiphany that led her to become a songwriter for other artists, she says “ I’m not some mastermind. I think the most brilliant thing that I have done is be human.” She fills us in on how her first failed record deal led her to become a songwriter for the likes of Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Madonna, and Pitbull, her favorite of the many she has worked with being Mariah for her process.

DJ Exeq gets down to the nuts and bolts on what connections led to what breakthroughs and how she came about her name. A phrase for “think deeply from within” in Phillipino that is originally pronounced [mwoo-neeh]. It was her husband that recommended she pronounce it like [money], she then spun it to reflect a common phrase she says is just her way of always blurting out things that are funny to her. “ Hair Long, Money Long - Oh, I think that’s it!” she says about herself and her music label venture, Super Giant records, which is a statement to record labels who didn't want to sign her. She is spending time building Muni Long as an artist before taking on any other Artist, of which she says there is an abundance of when she’s ready.

In the little over twenty-three minute session, Muni Long lets us peek into the world of a songwriter, citing her dear relationships with industry heavy-hitters like Diddy and her writing process, which she says is all her own and hard to duplicate unless you’re tapped into the ‘God frequency’. Very openly, she shares the ups and downs of the music business working with writing camps, and another one-off deal that may not have gone over as smoothly. “There were sometimes where the business was bad bad, and I may not have known that the song was out until it was charting.” The R&B star shares. In her over-a-decade-long career as a songwriter, she doesn’t, however, wish she kept any of the songs she has written for another artist, she knows she is in a service position, and that those placements led to her moment as Muni Long. Once her heart wasn’t in it anymore, that's when she said she knew it was time to go on her solo artist journey. Other Artists, she’d love to collab with include Kanye, Pharell, Drake, but no one is out of her scope. “No stress, no pressure,” the R&B songstress says.

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