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Largest Ever Exhibition Tour of Infamous Artist, BANKSY, Kicks Off in April

Viewers get up close to works of controversial artist Banksy.

The exhibit brings the works of Banksy to art lovers in 22 international cities.

Closeup view of BANKSYLAND exhibit's gallery.

BANKSYLAND features more than 100 works and never before seen installations.

View of artworks in one of several galleries at exhibit.

The exhibit shows original studio works, salvaged street art pieces and never before seen installations.

The BANKSYLAND exhibit makes its first stops in Portland, Honolulu and Seattle starting April 15, 2022

BANKSY’s work, while often cynical is also incredibly hopeful. People want to come back to public spaces, to be inspired by art that reflects their values and hopes. That’s what BANKSYLAND represents.”
— Elle Miller
PORTLAND, OREGON, USA, February 17, 2022 / -- The twenty-two city international tour, BANKSYLAND, will make its first stop in Portland, Oregon on April 15, 2022, before moving on to Honolulu and Seattle. The artist known as BANKSY is considered to be the most famous living artist in the world, despite the fact that his true identity is unknown to the public. Organized by experiential art collective One Thousand Ways, the BANKSYLAND exhibit is an unauthorized but extensive retrospective of BANKSY’s controversial 25-plus year career, and features more than 100 pieces and installations; including authenticated original studio works, salvaged street artworks, and never-before-seen immersive installations.

BANKSY’s exhibitions in major cities like London, New York and Paris have drawn millions of visitors, but the BANKSYLAND exhibit will make its way to over a dozen US cities that have never before hosted a BANKSY exhibit. The tour will make stops in Minneapolis, San Diego, Austin, Houston, Dallas and Philadelphia before returning to Asia and Europe. Organizers believe these locations are ideal to host the politically charged works of BANKSY: “These have been very challenging years here in the US, and we feel that BANKSY’s work, while often cynical, is also incredibly hopeful” says curator Elle Miller, continuing, “People want to come back into public spaces, to be inspired by art that reflects their values and hopes. That’s what BANKSYLAND represents”

BANKSYLAND will feature iconic works such as ‘Balloon Girl’, ‘Rage, the Flower Thrower’, and ’Kissing Coppers’, as well as paintings from his 2015 ‘Dismaland’ and ‘Walled Off Hotel’ installations.

BANKSY’s works have reached astonishing prices at auction recently. His famed, self-shredding painting ‘Love is in the Bin’ sold for a record $24.7M last year at Sotheby’s London. While that particular piece of art won’t be on display at BANKSYLAND, the value of the exhibited works are beyond measure, as the show features many irreplaceable, one-of-kind pieces. “Heists of BANKSY’s work are the stuff of legend in the art world, and we are taking security very seriously”, says Miller. As a precautionary measure each show’s precise location will remain undisclosed until just before opening.

Tickets for the first of each city’s two-week limited engagements are on sale now at, and expected to sell out quickly. Admission starts at $24 for students, $29 for general admission, and $59 for VIP packages.

According to Google, BANKSY is the world’s most searched-for living artist.
BANKSY’s self-destructing work ‘Love is in the Bin’ sold for a record-shattering $24.7M in 2021.
BANKSY’s works have been collected by many celebrities, including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Drake, Bono, and Justin Bieber.
BANKSYLAND is the largest ever touring exhibition of BANKSY’s works, spanning 22 cities worldwide.

Perhaps the world’s most intriguing living artist, Banksy’s identity remains unknown. He is understood to have been born in Bristol, England in the mid 1970s. Emerging from Bristol’s graffiti and street art scene of the 90s, Bansky reached world wide acclaim, and infamy in the following decade after several high profile conceptual stunts, including the illegal placement of subversive pieces inside the art world’s most hallowed galleries, and perhaps his most famous prank; when Bansky installed an automatic shredder inside the frame of his iconic Balloon Girl painting, causing the the piece to self destruct upon its sale at auction.

Banksy’s most recognizable works are stenciled graffitis that combine mundane imagery juxtaposed with unexpected objects and slogans. Sometimes cynical, sometimes hopeful, Banksy’s work is decidedly political, taking aim at militarism, consumerism, capitalism, and greed. His iconic stencil pieces depicting rats, apes, and policemen have been spotted throughout the globe, drawing widespread attention wherever they appear. Banksy’s conceptual works and installations too, such as his dystopian theme park Dismaland, or his Walled Off Hotel in Gaza and have provoked controversy and stimulated heated debate not only in the art world, but society at large.

BANKSYLAND is produced by One Thousand Ways: an international experiential arts collective specializing in innovative immersive events throughout the globe. With an established presence in North America, Europe and Asia, our global team of curators and producers create experiences in the service of our mission: To inspire social change through art that captures the attention of diverse audiences and unites cultures.

Elle Miller
One Thousand Ways
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BANKSY Exhibit Opens April 15, 2022