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A Revolutionary Book For The Times We Live In

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The Big Way Is Extremely Simple.”
— ancient proverb
NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, February 17, 2022 / -- The Manual For Humanity Thriving In The New Earth is a book for everyone living in the current times to master this physical life and form, once and for all, by connecting to our higher-self being. It contains essential knowledge for the new phase of our human evolution and transition to the new paradigm.

What are the keys to our new reality, and how we can adjust to be in harmony and benefit from these monumental times designed for our acceleration.
We are in a global transition in all areas and aspects of our lives.

Mother Earth's frequency has changed, and it is accelerating rapidly. The higher frequencies of light are available to humanity and all beings. There is a need for adjustments to our belief system and psyche to align with the current global alteration of consciousness.
We are on the acceleration path.

Exactly our evolution happens through a shift from solely the mind to the heart-based consciousness and awareness moment to moment. This is when we are liberated and in alignment with this new reality.
It is evident our evolution collectively and individually depends on how much love we have for our lives, and the lives of others.
Our lighter and brighter existence is a product of the heart center awareness moment to moment in this new paradigm.
It is a process of rebirth and reconstruction for all.

The fact is everything we need to evolve is already within us.

The Manual For Humanity Thriving In The New Earth contains knowledge, wisdom, and practical ideas for a new skill set to assist the process of our unification within and with the outer world.

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FREE BOOK KDP Promotion—
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Let us join together through wisdom, understanding, and cooperation in creating a better world and the new reality to be an opportunity for all.
Tat Jane Bego Vic -the author and founder of Soul Light Universal

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