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Gov. Wolf Signs Bill to Support Alzheimer’s and Dementia Detection

Governor Tom Wolf signed into law House Bill 1082, which requires the Department of Health to establish and maintain a toolkit to provide information on the early detection and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

“Far too many Pennsylvanians live with undiagnosed Alzheimer’s disease or dementia,” said Gov. Wolf. “This is a tragedy, especially because we know that early diagnosis can improve care, help maintain a person’s quality of life, and reduce the financial impact of the disease. This is an important step to raise awareness and keep Pennsylvanians informed about how to recognize Alzheimer’s or dementia, and what to do if you notice those symptoms in a loved one.”

This toolkit will help promote better understanding of the importance of early detection among health care workers and the public, as well as providing information about diagnosis, treatment and prevention.

“When it comes to cognitive health, early detection and diagnosis is paramount–and early intervention is key to obtaining proper care, and planning for the future,” said Jennifer Ebersole, Director of State Government Affairs for the Alzheimer’s Association. “Our state’s aging population is one of the largest in the country, and it will only continue to grow. Legislation like this, which directly addresses the needs of Pennsylvania residents and establishes a foundation for future collaboration and intervention, are really where we see promise in Pennsylvania’s ability to address, and hopefully, curtail this public health crisis.”