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Slovak Start-up CloudTalk Introduces a Partner Program With a Human Touch

CloudTalk's new partner program

To oppose “one-size-fits-all” partnership models, CloudTalk put together a 4-tiers program with a holistic philosophy and an organic, human-centered approach.

BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA, February 10, 2022 / -- According to BPI Network, around 57% of companies claim that they use partnerships for acquiring new customers. CloudTalk, a telephony software solution provider, came up with a new, original concept. To oppose “one-size-fits-all” partnership models, CloudTalk put together a 4-tiers program with a holistic philosophy and an organic, human-centered approach.

After the initial pilot proved traction, CloudTalk decided to take the next step.
Following detailed research and defining partner personas, the calling software provider opted for a comprehensive program with a human touch. “Individual approach is in the DNA of our team. On the other hand, a partner program needs to be simple enough to be scalable and cost-efficient,” says Kristyna Cardova, CloudTalk’s new Partnerships Director, ex-Pipedrive Channel Manager with global experience in partnerships and an advocate of the H2H concept.

The new partner program combines 4 tiers and 5 levels. Each has different conditions, benefits, as well as a commission structure. These depend on various aspects, such as the partner's core business, their involvement in the customer sales cycle, and their volume of activity.

Due to adopting a holistic approach, CloudTalk united both Channel and Integrations under one roof, since the company believes they work as communicating vessels.

Vision is a Base

CloudTalk considers their partners to be a fundamental part of their future growth. The start-up claims that the best results can be achieved when everyone focuses on their own expertise, yet still collaborates to create a powerful ecosystem. For smooth cooperation, partners must be more than mere numbers.

That is why the partner program has a transparent and clear structure, while keeping a space for individuality.

Yet, having this clear partnership concept is just a starting point. The key is implementation. “The vision needs to be reflected not only in the partner program structure with its conditions and benefits, but also in all processes, in the organization of the team, in how we communicate internally, or in the tools we use,” explains Kristyna Cardova.

Personalized Tiers: Conditions and Benefits That Reflect Partner Expectations

All the program is built upon five non-negotiable conditions. Specifically customer focus, innovation, teamwork, growth, and mentioned human touch. It comprises both Channel (Affiliates, Solution Providers, Resellers) and Integration partner tiers.

The palette of responsibilities throughout tiers vary from spreading brand awareness to a full customer management. CloudTalk therefore aims to invest in partners as much as the partners invest in them.

Affiliates get a commission of 30% and ready-to-use collaterals.

Solution providers are awarded with lifetime commissions in a range of 20 to 30% and various other benefits, like professional training.

The highest tier, Resellers, gain a generous discount in a range of 30 to 45%. Yet since this tier comes with plenty of responsibilities from both sides, CloudTalk created a highly strategic, thorough selection process for choosing who may resell their product.

Lastly, to be of the best service for Integration Partners, CloudTalk constantly improves their open API, so any solutions can easily connect with their phone software.

Team Organization Must Support the Change

In order to keep up with ambitious program goals, companies often have to accomodate internal processes. CloudTalk therefore decided to re-strategize their Partnerships team which is now segmented into three sub-categories. Channel Sales, Enablement, and Ecosystem.

What makes the structure so unique is that the Ecosystem is under the Partnerships team, not the Product team. This way, Ecosystem is closer to Channel Sales, which makes for more efficient cooperation. Ecosystem now focuses not only on integrations, but creates a link between partnership, marketing, and product teams.

Each member of the Partnerships team has the freedom to develop their own strategies as long as partners are aligned with the overall program and goals. The new team model therefore reflects CloudTalk's partnership philosophy – creating groups of individuals with certain expertise who cooperate to create an efficient ecosystem.

New Program Requires New Technologies

Successful Partner Program also needs the selection of the right tools to tackle daily challenges of the company as well as of the partners. These technologies have to cover present needs and consider future potential.

For CloudTalk, ideal systems to operate their partner program have to reflect the expertise, flexibility and user-friendliness. For Partner Relationship Management (PRM), the company rely on Kiflo, a flexible PRM tool that fits both their current and future needs. Next to Kiflo, the company uses tools such as Pipedrive, Thinkific, and Crossbeam, or services like Davame.

For more information about CloudTalk's partner program, visit their dedicated Partner Program page.

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