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President gets acquainted with a presentation of projects in Tashkent

UZBEKISTAN, January 30 - On January 31, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev got acquainted with a presentation of projects to be implemented in Tashkent.

Information was presented on the study of the standard of living of the population in the context of mahallas in Tashkent.

The Human Development Index is widely used in the world, which evaluates such indicators as the quality of life, education and life expectancy of the population. The index is notable for being in tune with the idea put forward by the Head of the state “In the name of human honor and dignity”.

Therefore, a proposal was prepared for the introduction of the Human Dignity Index in Tashkent. For this, mahallas from Chilanzar, Uchtepa, Sergeli and Yunusabad districts were selected. A survey of the population on 56 issues was conducted. Thus, it was determined which areas require the most attention and what residents feel the need for.

During the presentation, it was proposed to cover all the mahallas of the capital with such a study and, as a result, strengthen work in one direction or another.

“What will be the criteria for this? What will be achieved after six months or by the end of the year? Therefore, a scientifically based system is needed. It is necessary to create an analytical center in the Hokimiyat of the city by the type of a Situation Center, to create a software product. It is not easy to work in the context of mahallas, we take on a lot of responsibility. This system should show which mahalla, which street needs attention in the first place. All measures should be based on taking into account the opinion of the public, carried out after approval by local councils, in an organized manner”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

It was recommended to discuss the draft index with specialists, comprehensively finalize it, and train sector managers to work with it. It was emphasized that this will encourage them to change their work style.

Investment and export issues were also discussed at the presentation.

In particular, this year in Tashkent it is planned to master investments worth $3.8 billion within the framework of 738 projects, including $2 billion of foreign direct investment. This year 500 projects will be launched and 27 thousand new jobs will be created.

The President was informed about the upcoming measures for the formation of investment projects in mahallas, targets in this area for 2022-2026.

The Head of the state noted that the city of Tashkent has wide financial and economic opportunities, therefore, by increasing the number of regional projects, it is possible to attract an additional $100 million to each district.

Growth points in foreign trade were also noted. This year Tashkent's exports are expected to reach $1.4 billion, and by 2026 the figure should reach $2.5 billion.

It was instructed to ensure the demand of the domestic market and increase exports by attracting large international brands.

A virtual dialogue took place with hokims of districts and heads of sectors on the issues of working in mahallas.

Source: UzA