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Map of Land Ferry - Phase 1

Map of Land Ferry - Phase 1


This new tiedown system will improve Land Ferry’s operational efficiency opening up opportunities for more ports and more routes to serve more freight corridors – creating a network effect...”
— G. Schneider
TUCSON, AZ, UNITED STATES, February 2, 2022 / -- Land Ferry™ recently filed a patent that covers a new system for securing complete semi tractor-trailer rigs to its railcars for transport across western freight corridors.

Bit of Inspiration on B-day

According to inventor and Land Ferry CEO Gary Schneider, “The inspiration for the invention came on my b-day after much contemplation interrupted by a revelation on my b-day. For a while I was stumped. I was imagineering some DaVinci-like solution – simple but elegant – a design using the horizonal force of the truck’s forward motion during loading and the vertical force from the truck’s mass at rest. Then ah-ha! Having worked on railroad cars in a previous life, sometimes with my dad, I learned a lot about these kinds of innovations – like couplers. A background in railroading and engineering, as well as access to prior art and some advisors were instrumental in the design.”

As described by Schneider, the new tiedown system works like a ski boot snapping semis securely onto rail cars. This will improve Land Ferry’s operational efficiency and open up opportunities for more Land Ferry ports and more routes to serve more freight corridors – creating a network effect.

Background on Land Ferry™

Land Ferry is a new intermodal freight system that diverts trucks traveling long distances on two major east-west freight corridors from roads to rails. Land Ferry combines the long-distance efficiency of trains with the door-to-door service of trucks in a new way. Land Ferry creates efficiencies by keeping the operator, tractor-trailer and freight together during rail transport. Rigs roll on and roll off - like a ferry. Land Ferry will aggregate thousands of individual cross-country trucks trips 24x7x365 at its land ports. Carriers using Land Ferry will reduce carbon emissions by 75% per trip. Operators ride, relax and legally rest in specially designed coaches with private pods and common areas. Operators arrive at the destination Land Ferry port ready to drive their last few or few hundred miles. Land Ferry Video.

Schneider says the benefits of Land Ferry are too many to count. “For carriers Land Ferry is 25% - 40% faster than driving. During transit there is no equipment wear and no fuel costs. There’s no impacts from weather or road delays. For operators, there’s less time waiting due to drive-on drive-off modal shifts. There’s less schedule variance and tighter ETAs which means less time waiting around to unload and less unproductive time. There’s less operator stress, more runs and more home time. For railroads it’s new business that’ not being captured because most freight does not fit within the current intermodal business and logistics envelope. For someone, there’s bankable green freight credits to be claimed, monetized and branded. For the public, Land Ferry means less road wear, less emissions, less congestion, and fewer crashes, injuries and fatalities. Land Ferry is unique. It has something valuable for everyone.”

From Invention to Implementation

Schneider calls Land Ferry a twist in current intermodal. It is modeled after a system that has been operating in the EU for nearly 20 years.

“With Land Ferry there’s no technology risks. All elements of Land Ferry are proven and off-the-shelf with the exception of our invention. Initially, securing trucks to Land Ferry flatcars will be a manual process of chaining and chocking. This manual method is inefficient in time and manpower. To eliminate this less-than-ideal operating condition, Land Ferry is developing two versions of its tiedown system. One will be semi-automated and the other fully-automated.”

Schneider continues, “This relatively simple invention is analogous to the twistlock. If you’re not familiar with twistlocks they are small mechanical devices that lock shipping containers together vertically to allow stacking. Twistlocks are a key cog in the fitting system that modernized containerized freight. Our tiedown system – like a twistlock – will be a key cog in creating a new lane for freight.”

Land Ferry is partnering with a major railcar manufacturer and Transportation Technology Center Inc., to model, design and test the tiedown system. The system must be certified by the Federal Railroad Administration. The certification process is expected to take 18-24 months.

To fund development, the Company has opened a seed round. The Company is also seeking non-dilutive sources of funding and was recently invited by the Gates Foundation to submit a proposal for a Breakthrough Energy Fellowship. “They’re looking for home runs – to fund solutions that will decarb 500 million metric tons per year by 2050. Our pitch was that this relatively diminutive invention will be giant step in the race to save the planet. Here’s how… Each middle-mile truck trip taken on Land Ferry eliminates one to two metric tons of carbon. The ability to automatically secure rigs to standard flatcars will make Land Ferry’s service viable for shorter hauls further helping decarb freight. This will enable Land Ferry to expand its footprint and speed deployment along congested Interstate freight corridors such as I-10, I-5, I-15, I-83, and I-95 further reducing the number of truck trips, congestion, road wear, carbon and other diesel emissions. It’s our vision that our tiedown system, and the Land Ferry concept, is quickly adopted and implemented worldwide to streamline modal switching and unlock a wealth of commercial and societal benefits. Our Company is committed to sharing our technology, our know-how and our vision.”

Next Stop

On a related note, this month Land Ferry kicks off a market study. The study includes surveying thousands of carriers, operators and brokers. The survey will span all FMSCA classifications because with Land Ferry even independent owner-operators and small trucking firms can go intermodal when and if they want – their choice... “The survey will up our understanding of the benefits to each customer segment under various operational scenarios and configurations. We’ll use their input to refine our service model and identify future customers and strategic partners.” Schneider says the survey will take about 15 – 20 minutes. “Complete and accurate survey results are important. We’re looking at a couple ways to incentivize and reward participation. One way is $200-off coupons for future Land Ferry travel. Another way may include an option to acquire a small share of Land Ferry in the future – a customers as shareholders class. We may use NFTs to maintain chain-of-custody for these benefits since it’ll be a couple years before there will be an opportunity for redemption. We’ll have news on release of the survey next week. Stay tuned.”

About Land Ferry™

Land Ferry is a new intermodal system that combines the long-distance efficiency of rail with the door-to-door service of trucks in a new way. It promises faster and cleaner middle-mile freight transport while helping to reduce emissions, congestion, road wear and ease the operator shortage.

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