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Lacson Urges PSA: Expedite Printing and Delivery of National ID Cards; Renew Info Drive on Application

PHILIPPINES, January 30 - Press Release January 30, 2022

Lacson Urges PSA: Expedite Printing and Delivery of National ID Cards; Renew Info Drive on Application More at:  

Can the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) address these issues soonest?

Netizens have asked Sen. Panfilo "Ping" M. Lacson, author and principal sponsor of the National ID law, what is causing the delay in the delivery of their National ID cards, after he posted on Twitter that he finally received his card last Friday, Jan. 28.

Lacson - who got his PhilSys card nearly a year after he applied for it on Feb. 4, 2021 - also noted other netizens, including overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), have inquired where and how they can apply for their ID cards.

"As the implementing agency of the PhilSys Act, the PSA should address these issues as soon as possible. It should expedite the printing and delivery of the National ID cards. It must also renew and intensify its information drive on how Filipinos can apply for them," Lacson said.

He added that while in his case, the birthdate on his card appeared inaccurate, he remains hopeful the National ID system overall will mean better access to social services and protection from crime and corruption.

"Finally I got my national ID card yesterday. Being an author and the principal sponsor of the Philsys Act, I hope it will help immensely improve social services, our government's fight against crime and corruption and most importantly, public service in general," Lacson said on his Twitter account Saturday.

In sponsoring the National ID measure in the Senate, Lacson cited its value in accelerating the delivery of public services by the government, as well as access of the public to services from the private sector - all without having to bring several different ID cards issued by various agencies, not to mention providing government authorities the added tools to fight crime and corruption, as well as better revenue collection.

Meanwhile, Lacson said he will check with the PSA on the delays in the delivery of the National ID cards after netizens asked about the delays while some OFWs asked him how they can apply for their PhilSys cards.

"I applied last February 4, 2021. Last time I checked with PSA, they told me that they're prioritizing 4P's beneficiaries and similarly situated segments of our population. I stopped following up. Now that I received mine, I will ask again for the others like you," he said in reply to a Twitter user who is still waiting for her National ID after applying for it last year.