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Everhardt Strauss, CEO and Director of Organic Search at Search Labs Pty. Ltd.

"Digital Transformation" fundamentally shifts the way an organization provides value to its consumers. Search Labs helps you understand this transformation.

We seek out vendors that offer workshops and engagements which connect different business units with experienced consultants helping you make a quick and effective transition into the digital world.”
— Everhardt Strauss
MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, January 28, 2022 / -- Melbourne, Australia: Search Labs Pty. Ltd. today announced Digital Transformation Made Easy, a new service. Digital Transformation Made Easy is a consultation and vendor curation service and offers a new way for Businesses stuck in the analogue world to create a more intimate relationship with their customers and clients by embracing the digital world and moving from analogue data collection and processing to transparent digital information optimization.

Features and benefits of this service include.

• Digitization of all possible processes
• Increased productivity through digital optimization
• A more intimate and transparent relationship with clients

Digital Transformation Made Easy will be available starting February 1 2022, at no cost to the enquirer. For more information on Digital Transformation Made Easy, visit

Search Labs offers this service to assist businesses along their digital transformation journey by using a human-centered design approach to help companies solve analogue data problems and migrate systems and processes into an efficient digital world.

Search Labs aims to match the current state of an organization with vendors that offer co-creation workshops and agile engagements - essentially acting as a curator, matching the current state analogue problem position to the vendor that is best suited to providing the most optimized digital solution stack.

During this engagement Search Labs aims to facilitate the use of rapid prototyping and proof-of-concepts to deliver easily digested 'value' quickly through digital solutions that are tailored to the needs of the user, both internal and external clients.

The expected outcome is not only to engage a larger 'tech stack' or make use of more technology, the desired outcome is to create a more intimate relationship with the customer through the transparent use of data to engage them when they need to be engaged, to shave time and effort off every touchpoint and to seamlessly integrate with the customer and their problem.

Digital transformation is a mindset shift aiming to teach companies how pivot into being the solution that is present when the problem presents itself.

About Search Labs: Founded in 2017 as a digital marketing agency, moving through paid advertising into organic search, Search Labs sees the benefit presented when a consumer or client explicitly defines the issue they are facing, this insight is being expanded into Digital Transformation as an honest and transparent entry point into a companies digital transformation experience.

Search Labs has the ability to use extensive international experience in new technologies like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and blockchain, as well as many others, improves how our business works digitally and enables your business to intimately respond to customer demands, and merge with the evolving landscape at a speed that analogue systems cannot maintain.

Digital transformation is the way forward and Search Labs will help participating companies with this exciting journey. Feel free to contact us for a chat about starting your digital transformation journey.

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