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Aviation’s First 100-Percent Aircraft Recycling Program

Our planet does not need more oily aircraft parts in the ground we at Aries and NAAI are committed to recycling 100% of all aircraft for a more sustainable future

Today up to 30% of an aircraft is thrown in to landfills Aries and NAAI together offer 100% recycling of aircraft

Aries Aerospace in Fort Lauderdale, FL has teamed with North American Aerospace Industries to deliver 100% aircraft recycling

Aries Aerospace and NAAI Launch Partnership for ESG

We all care about our planet and aviation is desperate for innovation leading to more sustainable choices across the entire lifecycle of aircraft, especially when making end-of-life disposal decisions”
— Steve Haro, CEO Aries Aerospace
FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, USA, January 27, 2022 / -- Aries Aerospace, a 55 Group company, has entered into a teaming agreement with North American Aerospace Industries (NAAI) to offer first-of-its-kind sustainable end-of-life aircraft services. The agreement assures 100 percent aircraft recycling, enabling the industry to advance its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals.

“This is a great opportunity for us to expand our service offerings while solving one of the biggest challenges facing our customers. We all care about our planet and aviation is desperate for innovation leading to more sustainable choices across the entire lifecycle of aircraft, especially when making end-of-life disposal decisions,” said Steve Haro, CEO, Aries Aerospace.

Haro also shared, “By working together, both organizations will give aircraft owners a seamless path to improved sustainability and profitability because of efficient teardown costs, worldwide distribution channels, state of the art recycling processes, and most importantly, making more responsible end-of-life decision for the disposal of aircraft will help protect our planet. Aircraft owners whether airlines, lessors, or financial institutions, are all feeling the pressures from shareholders to go beyond simply exploring current efforts like sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), and challenging executives to do more to demonstrate their commitment to the company’s ESG goals. We are announcing to the aviation industry that we’re here to give aviation executives another tool by letting them recycle every part of an aircraft to avoid putting more scrap and waste into the ground, in other words, helping the industry do the right thing.”

“Together, Aries and NAAI stand out in the industry as leaders in their efforts toward true recycling. Industrywide, there are thousands of abandoned aircraft all over the world, and the few that get torn down are only 75 percent recycled at best, with the rest going in landfills,” said Sven Koechler, CEO, North American Aerospace Industries. “Though we have a special focus on the aircraft in Roswell, New Mexico, we have mobile teams ready to go anywhere in the world to recycle an aircraft. Through our relationship with Aries Aerospace, we are continuing to offer our proprietary methods for recycling and upcycling to companies interested in complete sustainability.”

NAAI is pursuing obtaining carbon credits for recycled aluminum and plastics versus virgin sourcing (which has much greater carbon emissions). In the meantime, the recycling process will include some of the recycled plastics going into the fabrication of plastic for new aircraft, taking the first step toward a circular, sustainable supply chain. In addition, NAAI has developed upcycling methods for converting scrap materials into other products such as handbags, shoes, furniture, and watches. All of which will come with recycling authenticity stamps.

To further support the Social Responsibility aspect of ESG, the joint team is developing concepts for tiny homes and low-cost housing. NAAI and Aries are in talks with Habitat for Humanity to study how to use fuselages and other aircraft parts that might one day provide shelter for the indigent and homeless populations. In a more direct carbon offset effort, the companies have registered with Verra for support of reforestation projects and will plant 10 trees for every ton of aircraft they recycle (about 2 acres for an A320). Certificates will be provided to the former aircraft owners upon completion of 100 percent clean disposal, highlighting their contributions. Aries and NAAI share common values and, therefore, will continue to ideate on ESG opportunities.

This teaming arrangement between Aries Aerospace and NAAI was brokered by Midas Consulting Group, LLC. All questions or inquiries regarding the teaming arrangement should be directed to Edgar Munoz at or Paul Cejas at


Aries Aerospace, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is a part of the 55 Group which leverages decades of expertise in logistics, supply-chain management, asset retrieval, repair-and-overhaul services, trading/leasing, and asset storage and preservation, we’re helping the Commercial Aviation industry return to profitability. By efficiently and effectively managing the necessary, yet time-consuming operational support needs, we enable airlines and lessors to truly focus all resources on their core business of better servicing their customers, which is the path to profitability. Aries has a long history of aircraft transactions, both fixed-wing and rotary, including brokering, consulting, direct purchases, and sales. Our leadership team is available for a broad array of transaction engagements, including fixed-fee, consulting, brokerage, and long-term acquisition plans.

Steve Haro
CEO, Aries Aerospace

North American Aerospace Industries (NAAI), based out of Greenville, NC, specializes in aircraft teardown and recycling, including the recycling of aircraft interiors and seats. NAAI has developed proprietary methods for recycling and upcycling through their R&D efforts with sister company Aircraft Interiors Recycling Association (AIRA), based in the UK, that also have teardown operations in place in Dubai. These processes make them the only company in the world that can dispose of 100 percent of a commercial jetliner without putting any materials in landfills. In the US alone there are over 4000 commercial aircraft stored indefinitely and another 5600 military aircraft.
Sven Daniel Koechler,
CEO, North American Aerospace Industries Corp.

Verra works to provide “Standards for a sustainable future,” that address pressing environmental and sustainable development issues. Through robust standards, we help accurately quantify benefits and drive investment in responsible, high-performing projects and programs. We work closely with partners in civil society, governments, and the private sector to develop novel frameworks and enable results on the ground. Our flagship standard, the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Program, is the longstanding leading standard in the voluntary carbon market.

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