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(Statistics provided by Climate Central)

Did you smell Carbon on the Roses that you receive on each Valentine's day(picture source: Baidu)

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Use Water with Care and Stop Open Burning. We care about Global Warming”
— Kirin Soo
SINGAPORE, January 23, 2022 / -- Today, the trend of accelerating global warming is not alarmist. According to GLOBALWARMIC's measurement of the global warming economy (GLOBALWARMETRIC), this trend is far more prominent than expected. During the United Nations Climate Summit in 2021, the United Nations also issued a warning - according to the current progress of carbon reduction in the world, the average temperature of the earth in the future will increase by at least 2.7 degrees Celsius compared to the average temperature during the Industrial Revolution. By then, many coastal areas will be submerged into seawater. Previously, Climate Central released a research report pointing out that man-made carbon emissions will continue to increase global temperatures and sea levels, which will eventually lead to the permanent submergence of many developed regions - mainly concentrated in South America, Florida, the Low Countries, East Asia, Southeast Asia and other low-lying coastal regions.

In 2021, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brazil, Germany, Yemen, and some other places suffered from heavy flood disasters, which undoubtedly provides evidence that the impact of global warming on human life is imminent. In addition, global warming will have a direct impact on the economy. According to statistics, between 1961 and 2010, many countries and regions were negatively affected by the warming phenomenon. Amongst them, the growth of the median per capita GDP of Sudan was affected by 36%, India by 31%, Indonesia by 27%, Brazil by 25%. Even developed economies like Japan dropped by 1.1% and China by 1.4%. And without global warming, people's lives would not have had to and will not suffer such a huge loss in the future.

THE ACCOMPLICE OF GLOBAL WARMING IS OFTEN OUR HABITS. Gillard once said: "The river will rise with the sea level. You may think that you are far from the coast, but all the hydrological conditions are connected." In the same way, global warming is not far away - this phenomenon is closely related to everyone's daily life. According to Stewart Brand, author of "Empire of Flowers", in the United States, hundreds of cargo planes loaded with flowers will fly from the Andes to Miami (more than 90% of imported flowers in the United States are imported through Miami International Airport) every year before Valentine’s Day. This intensive shipping has an impact on the environment. According to a survey by the International Council on Clean Transportation, flights delivering flowers in the first three weeks of Valentine's Day each year burn about 114 million liters of fuel and emit about 360,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

In addition, influenced by traditional Chinese culture, 1.4 billion people burn paper during the Qingming Festival every year to pay homage to their deceased relatives and during the Spring Festival where countless people set off fireworks and firecrackers. These are impactful events that cannot be ignored in the current situation of increasing global warming, and they are also the reasons why we urgently need to improve the environment through our efforts, starting with our behavior and habits.

GLOBALWARMIC PLATFORM PROVIDES COMMON SUPPORT FOR PRESERVING TRADITIONS AND PROTECTING THE ECOLOGY. As a problem facing human civilization, slowing global warming not only requires the efforts of those groups that have been negatively affected but also the efforts of all human beings around the world and their personal participation.

But then comes another thorny question: What should we do with the long-standing cultural and religious practices that we have to change to save the environment? Should we sacrifice the cultural value of traditional customs for the economic value of environmental improvement?

To mitigate this dilemma, BRR developed GLOBALWARMIC - a virtual platform that can map real-world things. As of now, people can customize holiday flowers for their loved ones in the virtual world, pay homage to their deceased relatives, and even freely buy small animals for release and so on. This way, not only will it achieve the purpose of slowing global warming, but too does it preserve the cultures and values and establishes a common support point between preserving traditions and protecting the ecology.

The GLOBALWARMIC platform will be launched on February 28, 2022. You can follow BRR's official Weibo account (@SWTDIRHAMBRR) or Tik Tok official account (@brr168) to get the latest news.

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