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How a new music startup wants to make it to the top. founders team

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The collaboration between music teacher and student is optimally complemented. A tool for the musician's everyday life.

In Austria, there are more than 200,000, in Germany around 1.4 million music students, not one professional musician included. We offer this entire industry a tool for everyday use in a simple way.”
— Richard Haller
VIENNA, AUSTRIA, January 19, 2022 / -- The startup from Amstetten in Austria is revolutionizing the music industry with its high-tech product. More precisely, the actually growing talents. With the help of a cloud-based learning platform for learning a musical instrument, the cooperation between teachers and students is being redefined. The students get the data perfectly prepared and have many special functions in the cloud interface for the daily learning process of a musician. ​​The first comprehensive digital music education package, a tool for everyday practice.

Video technology for musicians
The success story of the Austrian start-up began in spring 2021. The cloud solution offers educational institutions and music students the opportunity to support the entire process of learning an instrument. Face-to-face teaching is the basis for digital technology. Data such as notes, videos, audio recordings, homework, etc. are processed perfectly. The software can create, manage and archive all learning documents digitally and thus provides teachers with an indispensable platform for the sustainable preparation of learning documents. The data prepared in this way is then individually personalized and released for students. In the cloud interface, the musicians will find all the documents displayed on the so-called "music workbench". Functions such as slow playback of different sub-areas or the possibility of being able to work asynchronously on new pieces of music as a music band are indispensable here.

Internationalization as a priority
The already inspires many educational institutions in Austria, such as the Musikschulwerk Vorarlberg, the Musikum and the Mozarteum Salzburg or the Anton Bruckner Private University Linz. The first steps towards internationalization in the DACH area have been taken and there are already signs of further expansion in Europe. Above all, the focus here is on educational institutions to promote musical talent worldwide. The demand for the innovative platform is high, as Managing Director Richard Haller explains: "In Austria, there are more than 200,000, in Germany around 1.4 million music students*, not even a single professional musician is included here. We offer this entire industry a tool for everyday use in a simple way.”

The founding team of the consists of IT specialists and professional musicians around the entrepreneur Richard Haller. As CEO of Sportvideos365 GmbH, Haller was able to internationalize a start-up a few years ago and gain a lot of experience in the cloud business with the digitization of business models, video systems and modern training opportunities. Based on his experience, he has been developing the digital music platform together with his partner Andreas Pabst, who specializes in software development and is an expert in distributed systems and video encoding. Alexander Maurer directs the training for Styrian harmonica at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz, at the University of Music and Theater in Munich and at the Hohner Conservatory in Trossingen and supports the team in the areas of music education and modern learning methods. Exceptional talent Katharina Baschinger has been making music since she was 5 years old, is currently studying Styrian harmonica at the Mozarteum in Salzburg and jazz at the Bruckner University in Linz, and designs contemporary functional concepts based on the needs of teachers and students from everyday practice.

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