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8 Top Santorini Tours to Experience in Summer 2022

Santorini Private Personalized Tour

Santorini Private Personalized Tour

Santorini Tours - Private transfers

Santorini Tours - Private transfers

Santorini Private Tour

Santorini Private Tour

Choose among scenic villages, breathtaking views, culture, history, architecture, wine tours. Wherever your interests may lie, there is a perfect Santorini tour awaiting you.”
— Georgios Georgiou
EMPORIO, SANTORINI, GREECE, January 18, 2022 / -- One of the most beautiful islands on the planet. The land of lost Atlantis. The most enchanting summer destination in Europe. The "seals" of Santorini's fame are so absolute, that in case of finally arriving at its port, there is no ways of knowing where to start first.

There are 8 top experiences to live in Santorini, that make every tourist talk about. It’s all of this intoxicating char, the one that summarizes the whole experience of a trip to Thira. The things that you should not miss.

1. Santorini Sunset Private Tour – Even in case of not belonging to the romantics of this world, it is impossible not to be seduced by the mysterious force that almost hypnotizes the crowd in the alleys of Oia, when sunset approaches. A huge demonstration with hats, cameras and the scent of sunscreen instead of banners and hoods, moves to the edge of Oia in Kastelli of Agios Georgios, where everyone just fool around with a mouth open for the sun to dive into the Caldera and the people to applauds.

However, in case of looking for a similar spectacle with fewer spectators, other amazing places on the island for the sunset to be seen are the peak of the prophet Elias, the hill of ancient Thira, the lighthouse, the castle of Pyrgos and the beach of Vlychada.

2. Santorini Private Personalized Tour – There is this said that Santorini is not famous for its beaches. Attention should not be paid into the rumors, for avoiding the negative mood. Maybe there is no turquoise waters and golden sand, but there are still other exotic things. In Vlychada, the sandy beach has a background of rare geological formations, which seem to come from a lunar landscape, one’s that a person can climb. In the inaccessible Red Beach, there is the probability of swimming in waters that touch a salty sandy beach, with purple, almost like soil, sand from another world.

In Kamari, Perissa or the rest of the east coast of the island, everyone can spread out against the background of the large pebbles and the black sand of the island, the result of volcanic activity. It’s also the right place for finding the cheapest organized beaches, as the sunbeds are not charged on this side of Thira.

3. Santorini Sightseeing Private Tour - Day belongs to the beaches, the time of the sunset belongs to Oia, and the night rightfully belongs to Fira.

Talking about the lively capital of Santorini Island, that has not only beautiful cave houses on the Caldera side, but a number of bars, restaurants and taverns. Also, a number of squares, which "buzz" pleasantly all night.

4. Santorini Private Tour and Food Experience - The villages of Caldera have the first saying. The walks follow the stone paths in Fira and Oia, with the characteristic all-white houses on the rocks, the tufted bougainvilleas and the unbeatable view.

Oia in particular is a special experience, which is not bothered at all by the swarms of tourists - as long as someone is there, in front of it, in the disarming beauty that people hardly realize that it is real and that normal people live in it. Between Fira and Oia, there are two other "hearths" of Cycladic luxury and picturesqueness, Imerovigli and Firostefani.

As for the rest of the island, there is the choice of walking in the quiet settlement of Karterados, where it is possible having a traditional party with the windmill in the background. Then there is the chance of going up to Kastelli of Pyrgos and Emporio, to admire the island churches of Vothonas, the wineries and the view from Megalochori.

Under the water, diving enthusiasts will love the locations of Tripiti and Palia Kammeni, near the wreck of Taxiarchis, while near Akrotiri you will dive on the reef of Adiavati. Finally, Mesa Pigadia is suitable for cave explorations.

5. Santorini Impressive Caldera Private Tour - Parts of the active volcano of Santorini, the islets of Palea and Nea Kameni that emerge at the other end of the Caldera, are the reminders of what they were once part of the same island, which was then called "Round" due to its shape. For people that have the energy and adrenaline reserves, the walking route along the Caldera, which connects the villages of Fira, Imerovigli and Oia, is recommended.

Every day, boats depart from the port of Fira for the volcano and the neighboring island of Thirasia, which are worth boarding in case of fascinated by the idea of being on an active volcano.

There should be no expect for picturesque landscapes, but "wild" hills that have to be climbed under the hot sun. And yet, it is something worth, as it is a way of being as close as possible to the heart of the legend of Atlantis, signs of which are the smoke and the hot air in the small openings of Kammeni from where the volcano "breathes".

6. The summer cinema in Kamari - Voted by the Guardian as one of the ten most beautiful summer cinemas on the planet, it is located on the seafront of the coast "Kamari" and is an oasis of coolness and nostalgia with comfortable chairs. There are also bars with stools to watch a movie while drinking a drink and the green background that accompanies the movies.

7. Santorini Historical Private Tour - The archeological "heart" of Thera beats in Akrotiri. The ancient settlement from which frescoes, works of art and the ruins of a well-designed city with multi-level buildings, water supply system, furniture and all that are well preserved after the Minoan earthquake that "buried".

No human skeletons has been found in Akrotiri, which supports the theory that there were warning earthquakes that pushed the residents to mass evacuation. All of these can be found in an altitude of 396 meters that stand the findings of ancient Thira in Mesa Vouno, with ruins from the Hellenistic period.

Finally, Fira is the place where the Museum of Prehistoric Thira and the Archaeological Museum are located, with sculptures, inscriptions, ceramics, kouros and finds from Akrotiri, and other parts of the island.

8. The most special bookstore in the world - One week of vacation on Santorini Island was enough for Oliver and Craig from Britain to decide to return to Oia to open their own shop. So, 10 years ago, they transformed an empty house that overlooked the Caldera into a bookstore - the first on the island at the time - and began not only selling rare or used books, but also organizing literary festivals. Parties and poetry reading meetings under the sunset of beautiful evenings, by the smell of the Aegean and printed paper. An opportunity not to be missed in this small oasis. is a Greek tour agency that can fulfill the dreams of every client. Visiting Santorini is going to be a unique experience, one of the best of your life.

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