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Developer Releases New Free Trivia Game at the App Store


Aleksa Sever

Aleksa Sever

quTrivia is the second game developed by budding entrepreneur Aleksa Sever

LUCERNE, OH, SWITZERLAND , January 17, 2022 / -- – Self-taught software developer and budding entrepreneur Aleksa Sever recently released a trivia game app that is available for free at the App Store.

The all-ages quTrivia app’s questions are culled from every category, from general knowledge to geography, politics, sports and more. Future updates for the app will allow users to pick the category that they want play in. There are no prizes, just the satisfaction of winning for players and knowing that they have knowledge mastery.

Future iterations may allow players to win prizes, Sever said. He also has plans to release the app for Android users on the Play Store.

“quTrivia is not just a basic game, you can learn something by playing it,” Sever said. “And I’ve intentionally made it look simple so that everyone can play it whenever they want.”

The 19-year-old Sever is studying software development in Lucerne. His first-ever developed and released iOS app was TryAngle: Rush, in which players tap their screen to align small colored triangles on a larger triangle. It is also available for free at the App Store.

His goals in designing games are to hone his design skills and to create entertaining apps for people. In addition, given his entrepreneurial bent, Sever said he is laying the groundwork for apps he hopes to develop for businesses.

Sever’s interest in software design began at an early age, with video games. He later started to code his own websites with HTML and CSS and code his own games with C# and Unity before entering school to study software design.

One project he proudly developed, which turned out to be an instructive learning experience, showed updated COVID-19 cases in Switzerland, The app was rejected by Apple because its App Store guidelines noted that apps that provide “services or collect sensitive user information in highly regulated fields should be submitted by a legal entity that provides these services, and not by an individual developer.”

Sever is concentrating on finishing his schoolwork and then plans to set up shop.

“I can promise one thing and that is stay tuned for the future and the upcoming apps. I won’t tell too much, but stay tuned,” Sever said.

For more information about Sever and his projects, visit The quTrivia app can be downloaded at Sever can be followed on Facebook at @aleksasever, on Instagram at @alxsxr and on Twitter at @SeverAleksa.


Aleksa Sever
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