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New Documentary Film Interviews Five Notable Individuals Among Those Who Have Had Near-Death Experiences

NDE Survivors Say “Peace on Both Sides of the Gate” is Groundbreaking Portrayal of Survivors Returning to Living with Renewed Purpose

New Documentary Film, Peace on Both Sides of the Gate

Germantown, Maryland, United States, Jan. 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Filmmaker James Bonato, 61, interviewed five luminaries in the realm of people who have undergone Near Death Experiences to create his new documentary film, Peace on Both Sides of the Gate.
The filmmaker believes his documentary describes precisely what happens to all human beings at the moment of their death. The film also highlights how these individual survivors returned to life with a renewed sense of purpose following their Near Death Experience (NDE).

“The Covid experience has brought many of us face to face with our own mortality,” Bonato said. “This film explores exactly what happened to these people at the moment of their deaths, and how it dramatically changed their attitudes toward death and life.”

Peace on Both Sides of the Gate features interviews with Peter Panagore, Jennifer Dean, Chris Batts, Sharon Milliman, and Brooke Grove. Panagore has written several books on NDEs and he, Batts and Grove have been featured in numerous interviews on television, podcasts, and YouTube.

“In my pre-film research, I came up with my five subjects who were loaded with pearls of wisdom,” Bonato said. “These NDEs don't simply tell the story of how they died and what happened in the void. It's what they came back with that thrilled me.”

Bonato, who became a documentary filmmaker in 2015 and has previously directed two other documentaries—Three Cameos and The Smith Perspective—does not intend to sell his film to major distributors. Instead, he has published the documentary at and on YouTube where it is garnering impassioned and rave reviews from an increasing number of viewers.

Bonato is wondering whether he may have a hit on his hands.

The Near Death Experience has generated a great many films, TV shows, and literature. Netflix recently released a series on NDEs called “Surviving Death.” As Bonato’s film notes, the actual experience of NDE survivors has changed from the days of the “white-light experience.” Many of the original NDE survivors were heart-attack victims brought quickly back to life. The substantial improvement in life-saving and life-extending medical technology has created a different type of NDE—one that is more elaborate and detailed. The individuals interviewed in Bonato’s film experienced these more intricate types of NDEs.The result makes fascinating viewing.

“My film has been widely commented on in the NDE community as a beautiful documentary that tells the NDE story in a groundbreaking way,” Bonato said. “The unique new element is what each NDE brought and taught to the world after their experience.”

James Bonato is available for interviews and may be able to arrange interviews with the subjects of his film.

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