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Fresh Apples Coated with Akorn Edible Coatings Now Available at Leading US Retailers

Akorn Coating Delivers Superior Protection for Apples

Akorn announces commercial launch of edible coatings for fresh apples and pears in the US. Akorn-coated fruit now available for sale at major retailers.

OAKLAND, CA, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2022 / -- Akorn Technology is pleased to announce the commercial launch of its edible coatings for fresh produce in the US. Following this launch, leading US-based growers and packers of fresh apples and pears will be able to make use of Akorn’s all-natural edible coatings made from upcycled plant and vegetable by-products. Akorn-coated fruit is already available at a number of major retailers in the US.

Akorn’s smart and multi-functional edible food coatings double the shelf life of most fruits and vegetables, reduce cold chain losses by 30% or more and deliver produce with better flavor, texture and appearance. Additionally, third party evaluations have conclusively demonstrated that Akorn coatings reduce rot and mold by as much as 50% and are highly effective against pathogenic bacteria that are sometimes found on fresh produce.

Over the last 20 years, fruit and vegetable consumption in the US has decreased by 10%. Moreover, the amount of food wasted by consumers has increased by an alarming 25%. Akorn is working to reverse these trends by delivering delicious, craveable, safer produce that consumers want to eat and by reducing fresh produce waste by 1 million MT annually through global use of its proprietary clean-label coatings.

Edible fresh produce coatings from Akorn are tailor-made for packers looking for plant-based, sustainable and reasonably priced solutions that are plug-and-play on their existing equipment and allow them to not only reduce their cold chain losses but also deliver better, higher-priced produce.

“At Akorn Technology, we are dedicated to promoting sustainable production and driving higher food security and improved nutrition using food coatings capable of reducing moisture, rot and decay losses to a great extent. Obviously, this is a solution packers want to adopt. The commercial launch of our coatings in the US is likely to bring about a paradigm shift in the way the country’s fresh produce packing operations run,” said Anthony Zografos PhD, Founder and CEO of Akorn.

“Akorn coatings deliver more benefits than simply controlling water loss. We are able to provide packers with a solution that cuts food loss and waste and results in better fruit that ripens over a longer period, while maintaining the appearance and firmness of the fruit. Shelf life is improved and frankly consumers find the fruit looks and tastes better longer. We like to say – if the fruit tastes good, it won’t go to waste,” said Xander Shapiro, Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Akorn.

About Akorn Technology, Inc.
Founded in 2019, Akorn is a startup that uses upcycled, US, non-GMO corn by-products to manufacture all-natural, clean label, non-GMO, plant-protein-based edible coatings platform for whole and cut fresh produce. Akorn coatings double or triple fresh produce shelf life and deliver long-lasting and safe produce. Its mission is to promote better nutrition and taste and prevent food waste throughout the produce supply chain by enabling producers and retailers to deliver harvest-fresh, tastier, and longer-lasting fruits and vegetables. Akorn’s coatings can be customized on-demand and on-site for different crops, with a broad range of additional functionalities (antimicrobials, fungicides, surface finishes, etc.). Akorn was awarded a prestigious NSF (National Science Foundation) SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) grant.

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