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Dr. Donna Launches Eudaimonia Psychology Training Course

Dr. Donna Dannenfelser, founder of Eudaimonia Psychology

Dr. Donna Dannenfelser, a celebrity psychotherapist in private practice for over 30 years, is offering a new course in Eudaimonia Psychology®, a holistic approach to psychotherapy.

An Innovative Holistic Approach to Psychotherapy

Eudaimonia is the Greek word that translates to the state or condition of good spirit or happiness. These are qualities that clinicians can help bring to our clients who need it now more than ever.”
— Dr. Donna Dannenfelser
PALMDALE, CA, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2022 / -- Dr. Donna Dannenfelser, a celebrity psychotherapist in private practice for over 30 years, is offering a new course in Eudaimonia Psychology®, a holistic approach to psychotherapy which combines traditional psychoanalysis, cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, energy work and a life coaching component.

Eudaimonia Psychology®, is based on Dr. Donna’s work with the NFL and was used as inspiration for the USA TV series, “Necessary Roughness,” which was based on her life’s work and won the Voice Award for mental health awareness. The training is designed to give a new set of tools for professional therapists, clinicians, newly graduated psychology students, and other practitioners.

"One of the many devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the toll it has taken on the mental health of millions of people," Dannenfelser said. "Eudaimonia is the Greek word that translates to the 'state or condition of good spirit or happiness.' These are qualities that we clinicians can help bring to our clients who need it now perhaps more than ever before."

The course begins in late January 2022. Seating is limited to cohorts of twelve clinicians per offering, and the program will be offered only four times per year. In addition to the training component, participants will have the opportunity to join a community of like-minded mental health professionals and become an active participant in ongoing discussions regarding this groundbreaking form of therapy. At the conclusion of the course, trainees will be part of the Eudaimonia Referral Program to help grow their practices.

Interested persons may learn more at

"If you want to give your clients a new set of tools to live by, instead of them turning to life coaches, this certification is for you," Dannenfelser said. "If you’re tired of giving half your salary to insurance companies, or you’re fresh out of graduate school looking to open your own practice, this is your entrance into a thriving private practice."

About Dr. Donna

Dr. Donna Dannenfelser (Dr. Donna D.) is the founder of Eudaimonia Psychology®, which utilizes positive psychology methods and tools to help people live in a consistent state of well-being. This unique therapy is based on the understanding that if you change your thoughts you will change your life. Eudaimonia Psychology® is centered on learning how to flourish emotionally, moving away from the pursuit of happiness – which has become a broken model. Eudaimonia Therapy® teaches you how to decide and react emotionally to your circumstances, and thrive as a result of your ability to make choices.

Necessary Roughness, the USA Network drama based on her life, ended its three-season run in November 2013 with an average of eight million viewers. During this time, it earned accolades, including a 2012 Golden Globe nomination for its star Callie Thorne, and the Voice Award for raising mental health awareness. It drew recognition for tackling controversial subjects drawn from the real world of professional sports, including illegal performance-enhancing drugs and gay athletes. Dr. Donna has been christened the “Dr. Phil of Sports Psychology” by the New York Post.

Dr. Donna regularly appears as an expert guest on television news programs. She was featured on The Dr. OZ Show, where she spoke about positive thoughts and how they keep us healthy. She has also joined Regis Philbin on ESPN’s Crowd Goes Wild, on which she spoke about athletes and their reliance on superstitions. She is also a sports correspondent to TMZ Sports, Bloomberg News, and the Today Show. She currently has a blog series for Huffington Post, “Life Is the Ultimate Team Sport.” Dr. Donna serves as a co-host with Jeff Lewis on his radio show, “Jeff Lewis Live” on SiriusXM sharing her techniques with the world.

Dr. Donna launched her self-published book, Game On!: What I learned During My Time As The Shrink To the NY Jets – How To Achieve Anything You Want In Life!” in 2015, which made Amazon’s best seller list in the first few days of its release.

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