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Innovation is core to our strategy and culture. Unfortunately, there are still many myths that create obstacles to the adoption of technology, including and especially AI.”
— Jeremiah Weasenforth, managing attorney, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA, January 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Setting the global standards for e-discovery, the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) is pleased to announce the launch of the Demythigator, designed to dispel myths about artificial intelligence (“AI”), analytics and machine learning as applied to legal challenges. The Demythigator Project’s goal is to start a discussion in the eDiscovery community to begin to take these myths head on with help from a friendly but fearless Demythigator.

“Innovation is core to our strategy and culture. Unfortunately, there are still many myths that create obstacles to the adoption of technology, including and especially AI,” said Jeremiah Weasenforth, managing attorney, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe. “Technology provides greater efficiency, accuracy and predictability, overall enhancing the quality of our legal services. We are grateful to work with EDRM on this thought leadership and education initiative.”

“The legal community has not adopted AI and analytics as quickly as it might, and one reason for that is the myths that surround the already available technology” noted Dave Cohen, chair of the EDRM Project Trustees. “A good example is Predictive Coding, where too many lawyers still believe that it reduces the accuracy of reviews and/or that they need to get approval of the court or adversaries to use it, even though the case law holds to the contrary. By exploding some of the myths surrounding legal applications for AI, the EDRM Analytics & Machine Learning Team will help to educate the bench and bar, accelerate the adoption of valuable technology, and ultimately reduce costs and burdens for those involved in the legal process.”

The first Demythigator will be published on January 12 on the EDRM site here and included for subscribers to EDRM’s Above the Fold newsletter.

Topics included are:
• AI is a black box, and that is necessarily bad
• AI always leads to protracted or expensive negotiations
• AI will replace the entire review team
• A small number of training errors derails the technology.

“Analytics, machine learning and AI will become the foundation for legal work very soon,” said Mary Mack, CEO and chief legal technologist at EDRM. “EDRM is grateful to our project teams addressing the alligator in the room as it applies to evidence and litigation.”

“Machine learning and AI technologies increase efficiency when it comes to the constantly increasing volumes of data and new types of communication platforms. The Demythigator project should help clear the path for a wider adoption of the technology,” said Irina Matveeva, chief of data science and AI at Reveal. “We are grateful to EDRM for providing their platform for this initiative.”

Meet the Demythigator here.

About the Demythigator Project
The Demythigator’s goal is to start an open dialogue with the community about the myths limiting the use of machine learning and AI. Whether the myths relate to the difficulty in understanding, implementing, validating, or negotiating the use of the technology, they continue to stand as a roadblock to wider adoption. This EDRM forum allows the community to engage in a robust discussion about each myth with an opportunity to ask questions and receive valuable feedback from industry peers.

To get involved or communicate with the Demythigator team, please send an email to info@EDRM.net with the subject: Demythigator.

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