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The Top 3 Dating Experts and Dating Coaches to Watch in 2022

Andrea McGinty

Andrea McGinty

Having a neutral objective third party checking in with you weekly about your dating objectives works, much like a good mentor in the workplace.”
— -Andrea McGinty
NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2022 / -- With the Omicron wave now wreaking havoc, online dating apps/sites membership numbers have been skyrocketing these past 3 months. As we head into 2022, below are some insights from the top three dating experts in regards to current dating trends and how to plan for what’s on the horizon:

Andrea McGinty, of and the original founder of It’s Just Lunch has noticed this past quarter’s numbers soaring to over 240% from the same quarter last year. “I attribute this to the ‘new normal’ since relationships and love are what people are craving after forced quarantines and stay-at-home workplaces.” Ms. McGinty, a US dating coach, targets singles ages 30-70's and helps them find love online by guiding them in navigating 1400+ dating sites/apps, writing attractive dating profiles, selecting the correct photos and assisting in date selection and effective messaging.

Her top tips for dating in 2022 are:

First, create an environment that sets you up to succeed and get out of your comfort zone. If it’s been 5 years since your last relationship, be flexible to dating. Maybe you are glancing at a man online, not sure of his profession, but you have a lot in common. Book the date for lunch, not coffee (how unromantic is that?). Start awakening that muscle memory by practicing dating. Don’t listen to naysayers like negative single friends or the ‘Smug Marrieds’. Dating is work and you’ll need to re-learn the ropes. 1 in 3 people met their significant other online in 2021. 1 in 4 got married through online dating in 2020.

Second, invest in yourself. “Accountability absolutely helps”, says McGinty. “Having a neutral objective third party checking in with you weekly about your dating objectives works, much like a good mentor in the workplace.” With 25+ years’ experience, McGinty is a serious, yet fun dating cheerleader. McGinty has helped over 5,200 clients turn dates into marriages, and says 60% of her clients are in serious relationships.

Jill Vandor, with 25+ years in the dating industry, Vandor has made a career out of getting people into serious relationships. She is the go-to for successful single professionals in the Greater Boston area as a matchmaker, dating coach and all-around dating expert. When businesses around the country were shutting down during COVID, Vandor was determined to prove that love never stops.

Vandor offers two dating tips:

Make 2022 the year you redefine your identity. After spending so much time behind a keyboard and working remotely, it’s time to take a step back and ask ‘what do you want? What makes you happy? What are your relationship goals?’ Allow those new interests and hobbies you developed over the past few years take you in a different direction and not fall back to the same mistakes you made pre-pandemic.

Leave the excuses in 2021 and get out there. John Wooden once said, "you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take”. Yes, dating during a pandemic can be difficult, but it can be done. Take care of your mind and body and set your goals on finding the right person for you. It may mean getting out of your comfort zone, but sometimes you must take the road less traveled to get the result you desire.

Anisa Hassan is the Founder of Date High Flyers, an international, luxury matchmaking service for professionals, business owners and high net worth individuals committed to finding a long-term relationship, leading to marriage. She is known as both an International and Asia's Ultimate Matchmaker, having successfully paired 1,100+ couples since 2004. She is a certified relationship coach who guides both men and women to date better and make smarter choices.

Her two dating tips for 2022 are:

1. Learn to be a better listener
Everyone has a story they want to share, especially after having been isolated at home during the pandemic. Go on a date with lots of open-ended questions so that he/she gets to fully express how they feel. Then drop any pretenses and judgment and just listen ... intently. This would make you such an interesting date.

2. Become more self-aware
In a world where too many people are self-absorbed, choose to develop becoming self-aware. You can pause, regulate your emotions and manage a situation in such a way that you can meet your own needs without trampling over someone else. Awkward and uncomfortable situations on a date can be quickly overcome when you have relational self-awareness, putting you ahead of your competition as you appear steady, in control and ready for all situations.

Follow these three amazing women who put their heart and soul into finding happiness and love for their clients. All three agree on one thing: there is absolutely someone for everyone and all you need to do is look in the right places.

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