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… Ashok Bharucha, MD, MA Offers World-Class Psychiatric Care

We work in the dark - we do what we can - we give what we have. Our doubt is our passion, and our passion is our task.”
— Henry James
SCRANTON, PA, USA, January 9, 2022 / -- Scranton, PA January 9, 2022 - -, a privately owned solo practice now offers world-class telepsychiatric consultations and care in the Scranton, PA area. The seriously limited access to psychiatric care poses tremendous challenges, particularly in rural and underserved areas. And yet, the need for mental health services continues to become more pressing as the world struggles to contain the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. The skyrocketing rates of depression, anxiety, and other forms of psychological distress are alarming and require urgent interventions.

An exceptionally well-trained and experienced clinician, Ashok Bharucha offers world-class care at this critical time. Listed as one of the best doctors in America, Dr. Bharucha fervently believes in taking the time to develop relationships that lead to healing. According to Ashok Bharucha, “Collaborative dialogue focuses on clarification of problems, developing a shared understanding of the issues, educating the client about various treatment options, and developing expectations for what may or may not be possible in treatment. While I am a strong advocate of talk therapy, evidence consistently points to best outcomes with a combination of some form of psychotherapy and medication treatments for most serious psychiatric conditions. I consider psychoeducation to be a critically important aspect of this dialogue. Providers often do not devote enough time with the client to educate them about the nature of their condition, its longitudinal course, risk factors for future relapses, and the pros/cons of various treatment options. An undue emphasis on medication management takes precedence over tackling the many areas of their clients’ lives that are impinging on their condition but remain unaddressed due to limitations of time and resources.”

About Ashok Bharucha, MD:

Dr. Bharucha is a graduate of the internationally renowned McLean Hospital of Harvard Medical School and possesses additional training in geriatric psychiatry from the University of Washington School of Medicine. With thirty years of academic, clinical, and research experience, Dr. Bharucha has been a sought-after clinician and mentor. He does not believe in the “drive through” model of care that currently predominates in the field.

Currently accepted insurances include traditional Medicare, Highmark Blue Shield products, and self-pay. Please check with your insurance carrier for my in-network status.

Ashok Bharucha, MD

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