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uCloudlink’s Collaboration With China Telecom Set to Highlight HyperConn Technology

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, January 6, 2022 / -- From robotic vacuum cleaners that you can monitor and control via your cell phone to streaming your favorite series at will. The internet has become the central point on which we plan and run our daily lives. So much so that without it, the world as we know it will cease to exist. With media outlets even claiming that the internet is now an “essential household utility for many Americans, maybe even on the same footing as running water.”

In December 2021, we saw two major internet disruptions as outages at Amazon’s cloud computing services— led to widespread disturbances at various other online platforms. These disruptions led to delays in workforces and caused a significant drop in productivity.

Likewise, disruptions in connectivity affect the productivity of users across the board. As a solution to poor connectivity, uCloudlink has recently partnered with China Telecom, in a collaboration that will see both parties working symbiotically—utilizing uCloudlink’s HyperConn technology. The establishment of this partnership is said to “comprehensively advance the optimized data connection service.” The signing of the contract also marks an additional major co-operation between uCloudlink and major mobile network operators such as NTT of Japan.

Chaohui Chen, Director and Chief Executive Officer of uCloudlink says “The cooperation between UCL and China Telecom is only the beginning. In the future, UCL will cooperate with more mobile network operators (MNOS) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNOS) around the world to promote the formation of strategic alliances among enterprises in the communication service industry chain. The ultimate goals to build UCL into a network cloud service platform technology service provider– for global telecom operators and a global value-added service platform provider, that can provide all the government agencies, enterprises, and individuals in need of superior data service with an optimized data hyper-connected service of China and international network.”

What is HyperConn Technology?
Speed is one of the most notable factors to take into consideration for a superior network experience. However, other factors such as signal strength, interference, routing, networking, distance to server location, and how the internet connection is utilized, will create a varied experience amongst users— even with the same network. This is why uCloudlink created its HyperConn Technology.

HyperConn is the trademarked name for uCloudlink’s advanced connectivity technology. It comes as an advancement from the CloudSIM technology and is stated to be a universal solution that utilizes over 10 of uCloudlink’s 100 plus patented technologies. This includes the company’s international patent no. S055, S059, S126 to allow for efficient network connection.

The company explains that the monitoring system utilizes AI “to determine the most effective network coverage based on users present location, internet usage, and performance of all broadbands available… HyperConn will apply different routing strategies and keep switching to the best performing network when users move around, use the internet differently, or network performance drops due to any reasons.”

uCloudlink Collaborates with China Telecom
With regards to application empowerment, uCloudlink liaises with China Telecom to facilitate the integration of the capabilities of tens of thousands of partners. This allows uCloudlink to optimally classify and summarize data into the corresponding layers. uCloudlink utilizes the company’s well-established technology on the global cloud service platform— this plays to the company’s strong point for the expansion of 5G Internet.

Chen says “We hope that through such cooperation, we can accelerate the arrival of the 5G cloud era by improving network quality, empowering our partners with technology, and promoting the development of the entire communications industry chain. Let more partners, more consumers, and more social organizations participate more quickly and better in the 5G ‘Cloud Age’ service to share the dividends of the high-speed mobile data era.”

This directly resonates and reiterates exactly how the empowerment of 5G application directly correlates to countless industries and therefore encompasses almost every aspect of people’s daily economic life. This is achieved by building a well-established ecological environment– where the industry chain can avoid having to work alone. Hence the reason that the 5G application industry and enterprises are able to jointly start a new venture that seeks to digitalize China. And as a result, are able to provide superior quality goods to users across the world.

Originally published in Newstrail.

By John Glover
John Glover (MSC, MBA) interviews CEO's from around the world. He is an investor in people, a business analyst and writes about his expertise as well as interesting areas of convergence with his hobbies, such as the digital entertainment industry.

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